Why Toilet Seats Have to Be Strong

Big or small, we all use the toilet, and when using it, no one expects it to break in the midst. However, one would ask, why should toilets seats be firm? Here are the reasons why a toilet seat needs to be firm, explore more.

  1. To withstand tear and wear

Heavy duty toilet seats serve longer than ordinary toilet bowls. During cleaning, wooden toilet seat wears out and break easily because they are rigid. However, they offer you a warmer seat in winter.

They look more traditional and can be bought in any array of finishes to suit your washroom. On the contrary, plastic toilet seats are more common, malleable, easy to clean hence more durable.

The most common types of plastic seats include Thermoplastic, Thermoset and Plastic resin. Although thermoset is costly, it’s more resistant to scratching. The three types are durable and available in different colours. This makes them great for use in kid’s bathrooms. The only shortcoming is that they get cold in winter, something you would like to endure in the morning.

  1. Toilet seats have a weight limit

This might be a surprise to you but a matter of importance too. Toilets have a weight limit. Most novelty toilets seats can support a weight of 1000 pounds because they’re made of super strong and highly rigid porcelain material.

With an increasing number of obese and overweight population, manufacturers have to make strong toilet seats. They also have to indicate the weight carrying capacity, since this is a great marketing advantage.

  1. To avoid anxiety and embarrassment

Being a heavyweight or having heavyweight visitors coming to your home, you might be anxious to know the weight-bearing status of your toilet. It would be a shame to you as well as an embarrassment to your visitor for the seat to decide to give away beneath.
When you move into new houses, you will notice that the toilet seat is good but has a small crack in the middle. Every time you try to sit on it, it will pinch your back. So, if you are worried you or your visitor might accidentally break the seat, consider replacing it with stronger novelty toilet seats.

  1. To increase durability and cut the cost

An average toilet seat weights about 300 pounds. This is why ordinary toilet seats break or crack very soon. The ordinary seats aren’t made to withstand wriggling by normal weight users. Consequently, the seats usually break or crack. This is why special heavy-duty novelty toilet seats are becoming popular.

So it is recommended if someone heavy is going to use your toilet, get heavy-duty toilet seats rather than a normal one. They are costly, but in the long run, you will save time and money, and won’t be tired of continuously replacing it.

In conclusion, when it comes to washroom styling, toilet seats make a huge difference. Whether you are inspired by the Japanese designs or going for simple wooden seats, choose the strongest.

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