How Dirt Buildup Can Damage Your Singapore Building Windows

Can Dirt Build Up Damage Your Windows? 

Window cleaning definitely has its perks. It gives a clearer view of the outdoor scenery and gives a positive impression upon customers. However, window cleaning is such a tedious task, and some windows are difficult to clean. And that is the reason why some building owners very infrequently have their windows cleaned. 

But did you know that dirt debris can actually damage your glass windows? Of course, it depends on several other factors, like the type of dirt, glass, and the environment. Windows left uncleaned for at least a year collect all sorts of dirt like sand, dust, and even shrubs clippings. Debris and dirt collection can get stuck in crevices, making it difficult to properly close awning windows. Additionally, dirt and grime can wear down the window glass and even change its structure. 

Now we know window cleaning is a very challenging task for some. Just imagine cleaning skyscraper windows! Fortunately, several Singapore building maintenance companies provide professional external window cleaning services even for high-rise buildings. And in between these professional cleanings, you can follow tips on how to maintain the windows’ good condition. Here are a few window cleaning tips to avoid permanent damages to your glass windows.

Tips to Proper Window Cleaning 

  • Owning two scrubbers, one for inside another for the outside window, preferable so as not to carry outside pollutants and other dirt inside. 
  • Don’t have cleaning solutions to clean your windows? Dishwashing liquid soaps work just as fine! To make your own homemade cleaning solution, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in two gallons of water. 
  • If you prefer natural cleaning products, vinegar is an effective alternative cleaning solution. It cuts through grease and does not leave streaks so it’s ideal for cleaning glass windows. 
  • Putting in new squeegee rubber blades is always effective in preventing window streaks.
  • You can use razor blades to remove stubborn paint overspray or gunk. But professionals recommend using new blades, as rust particles on the blade can scratch the glass.
  • It is also better to carry at least two rags for dirty areas like sills and edges of the glass. Use lint-free cloths so as not to create static charges that attract dust and dirt back on the window.
  • Tree saps and adhesive residues, when they stick on any surface, are hard to remove. To solve these problems, you can use a window cleaning solution and a wad of super-fine steel wool and scrub away tenacious stains from your windows.
  • Do not forget your window screens! The best way to clean them is to first take them out and wash them with water and a cleaning solution. Allow them to dry completely before attaching them back again. 

Professional Window Cleaning Services in Singapore

Don’t let dirt, grime, and debris permanently damage your windows by ensuring timely cleanings at least twice a year. And if you really don’t have the time for it, or are afraid of the hazards in reaching high windows, acquire professional window cleaning services in Singapore.

B2S Specialist Pte Ltd is a top rope access company in Singapore that has proven its expertise in solving tough window stains and dirt. Contact us today to inquire or schedule a Singapore building maintenance cleaning in Singapore!

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