You’ve finally outgrown your current residence and have made the decision to move to another home. Since you may have an idea about where you are moving to and you may even have a moving date in mind, the next step would be to decide if you want to either hire a Man and Van or get the moving job done yourself.

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Self Moving

One of the obvious advantages of self-moving is that it would cost you less to move from one destination to another. On the other hand you would find that hiring a professional Man and Van service would alleviate all your stress especially when it comes to loading and transporting your household items. So which one should you choose?

For the person that is considering a self move, you will get to save money on every aspect of the move. You will also have free reign on how you pack and load your items on the truck on moving day. As the person in charge of your own move, you are also able to choose where items should be placed in the moving truck and if you are renting the truck for the day, you can make your moving time a little bit more flexible.

On the downside of self-moving you would have a lot more organizing to do which would include everything from choosing your moving day to loading and driving the moving truck or finding someone to do it for you. Also, it is obvious that such a move isn’t a one man job so this means that you would have to get help from your family and friends. Even if your friends and family volunteer to assist you, you would have to move on a day when it is good for everyone involved and when they all have clear schedules.

Taking on a huge task as a self-move can ultimately burn you out in the long run that by the time you get to your new home it could be days until you unpack. If the lack of money is the reason why you are reluctant to hire a reliable Man and Van and the self-move is more doable then you should start planning as soon as you make up your mind to move.


Moving experts like Removals Melbourne would tell you that it is always wise to reserve your truck as soon as you decide which date you want to move. Ensure that the truck that you rent is the right size and that it would hold all your items comfortably. In addition, do not forget to properly label your boxes, reinforce the ones with the fragile items inside of them and keep a list of all the items that you have packed for your move.

Finally if you are driving the moving truck, remember to always adhere to the truck driving road laws. Most of the times you need a special license to drive moving trucks. However if you do not have a license, we suggest that you hire someone to drive the vehicle en-route to your new home.


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