Healthy and Mature Trees Will Add Value to Your Property

The North Shore is nestled about 28 kilometres from Sydney’s famous George Street. The suburb is divided into two – the Lower North Shore and Upper North Shore. Residents love the North Shore because it provides an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s central business district. There are water and outdoor activities that can get their adrenaline growing while also allowing them to bond with their families. 

Between the two, employees and students gravitate toward the Upper North Shore because of more affordable housing. The Lower North Shore, however, offers spectacular views as three bodies of water converge around it. Also, you will typically find larger homes with wide landscaped gardens that are considered impossible in the central business district. 

When you go around North Shore, you will see healthy and mature trees all around. It is no accident. Residents are conscious of pruning and trimming their trees. They also hire a qualified arborist for tree removal in North Shore in Sydney. 

How Much Value Can Trees Add to Your Home

Any realtor will inform you that trees can add curb appeal to your property and increase its value should you decide to list it for sale. For example, not many people know it, but healthy and mature trees will increase the value of your property by as much as 20%. Now, if the median value of home sales in the North Shore is around $700,000, you can jack up your asking price by $140,000 more. 

However, you do not take for granted the trees growing on your property. While they do live on their own for decades, you need to watch out for the signs if the tree is damaged by a storm, strong winds, pests, and the soft ground.   

Despite the name “tree removal in North Shore in Sydney,” these companies are not only concerned about removing a dead tree from your property. They have arborists and preservation experts whose main task is to try to save the tree. 

Instead of outright removal, they will recommend pruning and trimming, which will also yield the following benefits:

  1. Produce healthy trees – By removing the branches that are dead and damaged beyond repair by pests and disease, it will allow the tree to open up and more sunlight to filter in. Also, you are cutting the infection at the source so that it does not spread to the other branches.
  2. Increase safety – Branches damaged by storms and strong wind are a safety risk. You have to remove them immediately before they cause an accident, especially if you have small kids and pets in the house. They may also fall on your roof or some power lines. 
  3. Boost the value of your property – When you trim the branches and leaves, it will result in a healthier lawn since the grass can now receive more sunlight. Also, trimming will help shape the tree so that people can appreciate it better.

More than increasing the value of your property, trees will also provide shade, which allows you to save on your energy costs because the summers would not be as hot and humid. They also support wildlife, which means you are doing your part for the environment. It is the reason why you do not simply allow a tree to wither and die from disease or storm damage. You need to call a qualified arborist for the correct diagnosis at the first sign of trouble. 

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