Best Ways to Decorate Your Australian Home with Christmas Lights in 2020

Unlike most parts of the world, the Aussie Christmas falls in the peak summer months. Christmas in Australia means sunny skies, breezy clothing, and fresh seafood.

Though things are a little different down under, the one aspect common between Oz and the rest of the world is the Christmas decorations. A 2016 report reveals that Australians forked out over $60 million for decorative articles, spending about $10 million on Christmas lightings.

Christmas lights are the best way to lighten up your home. Getting inspired by events like Christmas Wonderland Sydney is a whole lot of Christmas lights in Australia that bring the festive mood to every Aussie street. Here are some top ways to decorate your home with Christmas lights this season.

Decorations with Warm White LED Firecracker Cluster Lights

These are the best-selling LED lights in Australia during the Christmas season, to charmingly light up your living space and yard area.

Australian homes have windows like bay, double-hung and louvred, and these lights look great on such window types. You can set them around the window frames and railings. The warm white lights are perfect for decorating the roof area, creating a summery atmosphere in your home that perfectly matches Christmas in Oz. 

Decorations with LED Fairy Lights

You can feel the festive mood during Christmas when you see your entire neighbourhood drenched in colourful lights. The best way to achieve this visual effect is by using fairy light bulbs on a long strip, with light setting options.

Australian homes are known for stylish, unique roofs, be it flat, peaked or hipped. If you wish to light up your outdoors, you could use these warm white light bulbs to cover such roof styles.

These fairy lights tend to sparkle with the rhythmic tones of Christmas carols, spreading the joy of the festival across the streets.

Decorations with Solar Multicolour LED Rope Lights

The holiday season can’t get any better than with energy-efficient Christmas lights in Australia. The bright multicolour solar lights go easy on the environment and your wallet. The solar lights take 6 to 8 hours to charge and light up as soon as the sunsets.

Christmas in warm weather calls for outdoor entertainment. A stylish patio with sash windows of a Hampton style home provides the perfect spot to host a summer soiree. Decorating such a cosy space with solar LEDs is a fabulous way to create a wow factor in your dwelling.

Decorations with LED Icy Leaves

These stylish flashing icy leaves work wonders when placed along your home landscape, giving an effect of leaves growing from your dwelling. 

The most popular fencing styles that interest Aussies include art deco influence and the latest sleek contemporary. The LED icy leaves are a perfect match for such upscale fences, lifting your spirits high in the holiday seasons.

Decorations with LED Wire Deco Star Lights

Aussies love Hampton style-homes, which epitomise a breezy and sophisticated lifestyle that Australia is all about.

The best way to add some Christmas cheer to the retro flair in such home styles is to use the delightful rustic star light wires. 

The Australian government encourages using quality Australian-compliant lights as these quality lights ensure a safe and high-spirited Christmas Eve. They recommend using solar LED lights to reduce energy consumption. Adhere to your state laws and make an impressive front-of-house Christmas display this festive season, with the brightest Christmas lights.

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