Get Rid of Blood Thirsty Bed Bugs at Home

Bed bugs are among the most problematic and hard-to-kill insects. In the last couple of decades, bed bugs have become a resurgent problem. Many struggle to kill these insects and figure out even the most popular pesticides are not so effective for the bloodthirsty insects.

According to a recent study, bed bugs have developed resistance against many powerful pesticides including DDY. Bifenthrin and chlorfenapyr are widely used these days to exterminate bed bugs. Professional service providers have had to adjust their treatments and learn how to effectively eliminate bed bugs for their customers.

The same study has exposed the findings of an experiment done on 10 different groups of bedbugs to determine which chemical works best for which group. The bed bugs were exposed to both Bifenthrin and chlorfenapyr. The experiment continued for several days. From the findings, the researchers have concluded that some bugs respond to the chemicals whereas others don’t.

The result has a serious implication that over time, more of these insects will overcome the toxic effect of the treatment. It clearly shows that the even the so-called effective treatment is not working if it comes to controlling and killing the bed bugs.

Preventing Infestation

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – we all know that. What we don’t know is that the formula will be equally effective for the bed bugs. If detected earlier, they are easy to control. It becomes a real problem to get rid of them when they build up a family of hundreds or more.

Monitoring Home: Bed bugs, contrary to popular belief, are not confined to only beds. They can be found in boxes, clothing, luggage and even cracks of walls.  If you find them or suspect their presence at home, it is important to check mattress and bed sheets regularly. They are either red or brown in colour and oval or flat in shape. Look for eggs, nymphs or adults and even casings and feces (rust-coloured spots).

Checking Hotel Rooms: Bed bugs easily manage to get into suitcases and thus, infest the rooms at hotels/motels. When checking in a hotel, first put your luggage and other belongings in the bathroom before checking the bedding. Stack your luggage on a hard surface, such as a luggage rack.

Encasing Mattress: Encasing pillows and mattresses in a protective cover is a great measure to prevent bed bugs from infesting these popular hiding places.

Controlling Infestation: If you live in a rented apartment, inform your landlord about your finding or suspicion and tell him how important it is to control the spread of bed bugs. Vacuum the possible areas of infestation, including mattresses and carpets.

Heating Room: Heating the entire apartment or the infested furniture works well on the bed bugs. Make sure to take the temperature to more than 100 degrees. Use a hand-held steamer to blast the gaps in the walls.

Making efforts on your own is not bad. But in case of heavy infestation, you should accept the help of a professional service provider for bed bugs treatment. They will suggest which pesticide you should use and how to safeguard your home against the bed bugs.

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