Four tips to help you select the Best Interior Designer

Until the last decade, the perception was that only the rich and famous could afford to hire interior designers. That’s history, these days; you can hire such professionals even for smaller jobs. 

From choosing colors, lighting, furnishing materials, to the selection of waterproofing mix, designers can offer advice for several aspects. These professionals play a crucial role in making home and office spaces more beautiful, safe, and functional. Here’re tips that can help you select and work with a first-class interior designer in Thane.

1. Getting references followed by a quick portfolio check can help

These days, work speaks for itself. If you appreciate the work and efforts shown by the designer at your friend or relative’s residence, you should consider the same person as your first choice for the project. Else, you can find the best-rated ones online. 

Meet the designer; check their portfolio to see the areas that they specialize in handling. If your project is a big one, you should also consider visiting the contractor’s on-going project sites to check their working style. However, you should look for another designer if you fail to connect with the person’s work, themes from their portfolio. 

2. Be specific during the consultation 

Homeowners hire an interior designer to create a cohesive kitchen, rearranging the living room and bedroom, and also to turn their home office area efficient in case if they work from home. Depending on the number of factors that you need assistance with, you can also select designers on an “as needed” basis.

During your consultation meeting with the team of designers, you need to be specific regarding the services that you require. Discuss your likes and dislikes, your décor taste, preferred colors, fabrics, etc. to be incorporated in the home interior design.

If your project is a major one that requires making structural changes in the property, you should organize a meeting between the designer, and restructuring architect. 

3. The price factor 

Some professionals do not prefer to work on projects that have small budgets. Thus, determine a budget for your overall work and discuss the same with your designer during the consultation itself. 

Depending on the type of the project, designers charge according to the area and the space to be renovated. Some of them also charge additional consultation fees on an hourly basis. Charges vary, depending on the person’s experience and city as well.  Professionals working for office interior design projects often charge more than those working on residential ones. 

Refurbishing the existing furniture and using the same as a part of the new theme may attract additional expenses depending on the condition of the furniture.

4. Put faith and remain confident

All of the interior designers in Mumbai create a roadmap for the project well in advance. Most of them are well-informed about inspection regulations, municipal building codes, as well as license required from the Building and Factories Department as well.

The designer and the homeowner need to trust each other during the process. Deadlines can be achieved if payments for various supplies and labour are made as per schedule to the specialist. Such coordination would be possible only if you feel comfortable and confident about working with the designer.

If you are looking for some of the best interior designers in Mumbai, you can consider discussing your requirements with specialists at Studio Elements, HomeLane, Livspace, Anish Motwani Associates, and more.
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