What First-Time Homeowners Need To Know About HVAC Systems

Your first home purchase can feel like a dream come true. It may have been a tedious process – from saving your down payment fee to finding a mortgage lender and applying for a home loan. But now that you’re finally a homeowner, you can finally relax and enjoy your investment, right?

What many homeowners fail to acknowledge is that owning a house comes with hidden costs that will often resurface in the most unexpected times. We are not just talking about the usual utility bills, property tax, and homeowner’s insurance. We are talking about home maintenance and repair costs – including your HVAC equipment.

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For those who are renting a home for most of their lives, you don’t have to deal much about your apartment’s HVAC system. However, once you become a homeowner, it becomes your sole responsibility to clean, maintain, and have your HVAC system repaired by a licensed hvac contractor houston tx. It means an extra expense is about to make its presence known aside from the initial investment when buying your HVAC.

However, for homes that came with an installed HVAC system, it is a must that you consider the following while inspecting your HVAC system.

The Heating and Cooling Units

First of all, you need to check is if there is any presence of loud, strange noises, watermarks, rusts, or any indications of decay. These signs could mean that your VAC system is too old and may need replacement. Ask the seller for any HVAC maintenance records. If none call a technician and ask what your better option is – to repair or replace the units.

The HVAC Ducts

When you find your visible HVAC ducts running willy-nilly in your basement or attic, and there are signs of condensation, rusts or gaps, then you might want to call in a competent Fayetteville ga hvac services. Such arrangement of ducts is what we call a “ductopus” meaning your home’s HVAC ducts are old, leaky or improperly sized. It won’t only shorten the lifespan of your HVAC – it also can use more energy consumption than it should as well.

Air Leaks

Before even buying that house you fell in love with the first time you saw it, make sure to do an air leak test. Why? The reason is that air leaks can be the culprit as to why an HVAC system may seem working inefficiently. Check all seals of doors and windows. Lighting a stick of incense (with the permission of the seller of course) can be a good way of determining whether any duct connection or window seal has an air leak. Knowing if the house indeed has an air leak will give you better ideas as to how to address the issue effectively.

Your Insulation

Your home’s insulation plays a vital role when it comes to your HVAC’s efficiency. Try to feel if there is a noticeably different temperature in every room. It could mean a room or more lacks proper insulation. By knowing whether or not a house is adequately insulated, you can determine if it will cost you more than it should when fixing the issue.

If you have any issues regarding your home’s HAVC system, visit us, and we’ll make sure your HVAC is up and running in no time.

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