Facts about Black Mold

Black mold is usually toxic and if left untreated, could cause health problems in your home. Mold is generally a challenge most people choose to run from and for very good reasons. However, there’s no possibility of you running away from it if it’s in your home so you have to deal with it head-on.

Black mold remediation

The first thing you need to know about mold remediation is that pre-testing is not necessary unless mold is not visible. If it’s visible however, it would only be a waste of time and money. If excessive moisture is the reason for your mold growth, removing that moisture source should be the first solution.

If it’s impossible to remove the moisture source, then you are left with no option but to call in a professional mold remediation company. It might be prudent for you to call in a professional who is qualified on how to get rid of black mold. One of the disadvantages of mold is that any contaminated materials may need to be discarded and replaced.

Why not just exterminate it yourself?

When most people discover mold in their homes, the first thing they do is try to scrub it away. The only problem with this is that the mold spores become airborne and once they get into the AC, they spread throughout the house, which can be dangerous.

Other people try to pour bleach on the area, but this is just as toxic so don’t try it. It’s not effective either because it only kills the visible mold. After sometime mold with simply reappear again and you’ll have to treat it again. If mold is allowed to spread, it will be a health hazard for your family and it will become even more expensive to exterminate, so you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

It’s absolutely tempting to try get rid of mold yourself so you can save the extermination costs, but this is pointless and eventually you’ll still need the services of a mold removal company.

What are some of the places that mold hides in?

There are certain places in a house that are more susceptible to mold than others. Some of these places include leaking pipes, untreated basement walls, and any places with moisture and little ventilation. Most homes are vulnerable to mold growth after flooding or after a plumbing emergency that resulted into a lot of water. As soon as you find anything that resembles mold in your home, you should consult a professional mold removal company to come and get rid of it immediately. There are numerous companies offering the services, but you need a reputable company.


These are some of the things you should know about black mold and why should have it removed as soon as possible. Find a reputable company in your area and have professionals get rid of it as soon as you notice it. Even if it’s not visible but you can smell it in some areas, you should call in a company to do testing so it can be exterminated before spreading.

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