Building an Effective Cypress Pine Fence

If you have ever gone looking for the perfect wood to build a timber fence, then you’ll know that it can be slightly overwhelming to walk into a timber store and see the wide range of different wood options staring back at you. The key characteristics of wood which should be used for an outdoor fence are that it is resistant to weather conditions, to rot, to pests and finally the wood is easy to work with in terms of cutting and connecting. One wood that is particularly popular in this instance is cypress pine, a multifunctional wood which will offer your fence the benefits of being both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Background of Cypress Pine

Cypress pine is a hardwood which is native to Australasia and it is generally found growing in dry and arid locations. These are evergreens which are famed for their attractive markings on the wood, and their resistant properties. The term cypress pine is actually used to refer to 15 genera within this family and whilst they all have similar properties, each has its own style and markings which set it apart from the rest.

Benefits of Using Cypress Pine

The cypress pine has its own natural oils which make it resistant to fungus, decay and rot of all kinds. The tannins and the sap of the tree, as well as the naturally produced oil Cypressene, also serves to deter termites and other pests, which makes it an even better candidate for an outdoor fence. Despite being a hardwood, it is incredibly flexible when it comes to working (whether you are using either hand tools or power tools). Another key benefit of this wood is that it is excellent at absorbing stains and it won’t warp. Finally, cypress pine not only offers longevity, but it is also a very low-cost wood.

The Best Practice for Building Cypress Pine Fence

Beyond the benefits which we have detailed, there is one key property which cypress pine has which makes it perfect for building a fence, its natural beauty. We don’t often think of fences as being ‘beautiful’ but this is a wood which can change that, especially when used as a feature post. Each cut of the wood offers its own unique patterns with knots and twisted grain which help it to really stand out, which is a key reason why many individuals have opted to use it in their outdoor fences. The wood also readily accepts any coatings and satins which it is given, which removes the need for multiple coats. As long as the measurements, cuts and structural integrity is there when building a fence with cypress pine, you can be sure that this wood will still look structurally and aesthetically great over many years.

Whether building a simple picket fence or something larger and more complex, this cypress pine offers a host of benefits that makes it perfect for any fencing project. Contact your local timber yard to find out how you can get your hands on some cypress pine today.

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