How to look for the signs of a roof repair?

Roof repair is one of the biggest investments in your house. The roof repair is not even costly but time-consuming. More than five million houses install roof every year in the entire country. Depending upon the type and size of the roof, the average cost of the roof varies from $5,000 to $100,000. Regular maintenance and Investment on the roof at the right time makes the repair economical. Roofing repair Vaughan by D’Angelo Roofing not only prevents your roof from further damage but also adds life to your roof. Hence, watch out for the few signs of damage that signal that your roof needs repair:

  1. Missed, curled or cracked or damaged shingles:

One of the first sign of roof damage is missing, cracked or curled corners or edges. Dents may appear on the shingles and granules are even missing. These are the signs that shingles need repair. Get them to repair well on time, before it is the time for whole roof replacement.

  1. Sagging or warped roof: If you see signs of sagging or warped roof, then it is the right time for roof repair. The roof may have many degrees of the pitch, but it should appear straight along its lines.
  2. Granules of shingles in the gutter: Asphalt roofs often break down their black sand like granules when the roof deteriorates. If you happen to find these granules or pieces of shingles in the rain gutters, then it is time for roof repair.
  3. Damaged chimneys or vents: If the parts of roof, chimneys, pipes and other objects are damaged and start penetrating the roofs, then one should go for roof repair.
  4. Dark, dirty and wet shingles: If you find shingles that are wet, dirty and dark, then it means that shingles are trapping the moisture.
  5. Blisters on the paint: If your attic has poor ventilation, then moisture and humidity get accumulated near the roof, and causes blisters on the roof. This causes the paint to peel off.
  6. Water stains and discoloration on wall ceilings: Sometimes, water stains and discoloration are due to moisture present in roof underlayment. This is another sign of roof damage.
  7. Leakage in attics: Sometimes, the roof starts leaking due to the porous underlayment. Then, one should go for roof replacement.
  8. Heavy burden on your energy bills: Sometimes, the high energy bills are due to poor ventilation in the attic. This results in leaking of cool and warm air from the rooftop.
  9. Streams of light from the attic area: If you see light coming from the attic then, this may be due to openings that result in the light streaming in and water leakage from the roof.
  10. The roof is damaged in fire: If fire outbreaks and damage your roof, then it is the sign of roofing repair Vaughan by D’Angelo Roofing.
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