Dress Up Your Pottery Barn Seating With A Coverissimo Slipcover

There are many customers who purchase their sofa, armchair or dining chair from PotteryBarn. If you are one of these customers, you may be looking to change the style of your furniture out of boredom or to match a newly remodeled space. It is a common misconception that you need to purchase a new sofa or chair to make the change you have in mind.

There are several ways to change the style of your furniture without purchasing a new piece. One idea is to give your piece a custom Pottery Barn slipcover makeover. A slipcover is a simple accessory that makes any sofa, armchair or dining chair look brand new. You do not need to purchase your slipcover from Pottery Barn to fit your furniture. The slipcover can be purchased from Coverissimo, which is an online company that offers slipcovers for any sofa model Pottery Barn for a reasonable price.

When you shop with Coverissimo, you can have your slipcover customized to fit a sofa of any shape and size. The wide selection ranges from a standard sofa and loveseat to a U-shaped or L-shaped sectional sofa. They also offer customized slipcovers for futons and sofa beds, as well as armchairs and dining chairs.

The slipcovers for any sofa model Pottery Barn are not limited to current products. Coverissimo also offers slipcovers for discontinued products as well. This means you can upgrade the style of the armchair or sofa bed you bought several years ago. Whether you are protecting your new sectional couch or upgrading your five-year-old loveseat, the slipcovers are customized to meet your needs. They are also customized to fit furniture such as armless, rolling arm or wingback pieces from Pottery Barn. All you need to do is send in photographs and accurate measurements of the specific piece.

The wide selection is not the only reason customers enjoy shopping with Coverissimo. Price is a big factor when purchasing customized accessories for your home, and you do not want to spend more on the slipcover than you did for the sofa or chair. This is why Coverissimo offers customizable slipcovers at an inexpensive price. The price of a customized slipcover from Coverissimo ranges from $120 to $160 per piece, and includes the fabric, as opposed to a basic slipcover from Pottery Barn that costs over $1,000. Ordering slipcovers for one sofa and two armchairs from Coverissimo costs an estimated price of $440, which is nearly half of what you would spend at the Pottery Barn.

Coverissimo is determined to create the best slipcover for your money, and this is why the company recommends the jacquard or printed cotton fabrics. The fabrics are low maintenance and anti-shrinkage to ensure you are ordering a durable slipcover, and they can be customized in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your style. You can find fashionable, long-lasting slipcovers for any sofa model Pottery Barn without going over your budget.

Coverissimo is a reliable source of affordable, high-quality slipcovers for your Pottery Barn furniture.

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