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Construction of the cottage necessarily involves the arrangement of the backyard plot. The style of the adjacent territory should match the exterior of the house. The right choice of modern garden design is not only a problem for specialists: landscape design is also interesting for customers. We will try to acquaint with the main directions in the modern art of garden design. From Augusta, GA you will find the best options now.

Garden Design Styles

Garden design is not only landscaping the site. Any garden should be decorated in a special way, to bring joy and create comfort for the owners and guests of the house. Experts of modern landscape architecture identify the following areas, according to which the landscaping of the site and its arrangement is carried out.

Classic style: it is also called formal or regular geometric. This direction is characterized by rectangular shapes and such geometric shapes as a star, circle, triangle, square. It is the embodiment of the classic style straight tracks, converging to the main entrance of the estate. Flowerbeds are made out strictly trimmed shrubs and trees. Round flower beds, fountains and garden sculptures on rectangular pedestals.

Landscape (landscape) style professes harmony and naturalness of nature: winding garden paths, benches with crooked legs and elegant backs. Thick thickets of shrubs and trees hang over their heads, hiding from bright sunlight. At the same time, the house itself is not the center of the composition, but necessarily fits into the created landscape.

Ethnic or oriental style is created with the help of natural elements, such as stone boulders and plants, which are not typical for a given locality. Landscape design in ethnic style can be complemented by artificial ponds. Japanese can serve as a vivid example of the eastern direction: bamboo is characteristic of it, from which cozy gazebos can be created. Alpine slides and artificial waterfalls are another area of ​​ethnicity in landscape architecture.

Practical tips: create garden paths

Landscaping without creating garden paths is impossible. This is one of the main attributes of landscaping the garden. Work on their creation begins with determining the direction of their gaskets, the configuration of their boundaries and the material from which they will be built. Preferences should be given to winding paths passing by the original wooden or plaster sculptures, ponds with babbling fountains.


The natural beauty of the territory adjacent to the house will emphasize artificial lighting. Lamps installed along the tracks will create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. It will successfully complement the evening landscape design with musical accompaniment: classical music disposes to emotional balance and tranquility. Lovers of collective recreation should think about installing a stationary barbecue, gazebos. In short, the design style of the infield should be consistent not only with the exterior of the house, but also with the preferences of its owners.


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