Craftsman House Plans for the Pacific Northwest

When it comes to the most popular house floor plan in the United States, the craftsman-style house typically rounds out the top three, often sitting at the top of the list. In the Pacific Northwest, this style of home is extremely popular, and for good reason. It’s a plan that works well for families, couples, those who love entertaining, and those who have a real eye and appreciation for detail and unique features.

Craftsman Style Home Plans

So, what exactly is a craftsman style house? What are the unique features these Pacific Northwest homes tend to have? Let’s take a closer look.

It’s All About the Charm

If there is one defining feature of craftsman-style homes, it is the fact that the emphasis is on the details and charm of the home. It’s not about big, ornate, and elegant features, rather, it is charming architectural details like built-in shelving, an inviting front porch, window seats and more. These features not only help to define the style, but they add to the overall feel of the home helping to create a space that is warm, cozy, and inviting.

Open Concept Living is Common

Another common feature in this style of home is an open living concept. This isn’t a rule for the design, but it is quite common to find. Rooms will tend to have a natural flow moving from one space to another without any sort of jarring separation.This means you have little to no hallways and small rooms. Homeowners often like the fact that it seems the floorplan makes full use of the space without any “dead space”.

All spaces tend to lead to the heart of the home, which for the craftsman-style floorplan, is the kitchen.

One- and Two-Story Models

As for the size of this style of home, you’ll find lots of variances here. There are both one and two-story house plans available, ranging from small almost cottage-sized homes to more sprawling feeling houses with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Pillars Can Help to Add Interest

Speaking of architectural details, craftsman homes also tend to make use of pillars both indoors and outdoors. A covered front porch lined with large pillars is often then replicated inside the house with pillars at the front entrance.

The Use of Natural Materials is a Must

Another big feature in this style of home is the use of natural materials. Wood is the most predominant feature and can found in delicate carvings, railings and posts, trim work, and built-ins, but other natural materials are also a welcome addition to the design.

Handcrafted stonework is another fabulous element to add to a craftsman home and will help give it that authentic feel, even if it’s a new-build.

Popular for Good Reason

As you take a closer look at craftsman-style homes, their unique floorplan, and fabulous attention to detail, it becomes clear why this style is so popular. For those with families, a love for entertaining, and prefer a more casual floorplan, you simply can’t beat what a craftsman offers.


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