4 Design Tweaks to Brighten Up Your Home

Is your home not living up to your ideas of a bright, cosy space? We’ve got some useful hacks to try.

Your home was designed and put together with a lot of care, but you still think that there is some essential piece of the puzzle missing. You’ve now put your finger on it – the house looks a little drab and could do with some lightening up. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to redesign your home – just follow our simple home décor interior ideas listed below:

Many homes in India tend to be short of functional space already, and they look even smaller after furniture and storage is added to them. It’s not your fault if your home looks smaller than it is – but here’s a simple home décor interior idea to make the space look larger without pulling down walls or adding height: just install a large mirror on the biggest wall in the living room. The mirror gives the impression of a much larger space. Ensure that it reflects the lights in the room as well, for a stunning effect.

  • Redesign the lighting.

You can literally brighten up the house by redesigning the lighting in it. The use of different fixtures and light placements can ‘carve up’ different spatial effects all over the house. Have a large, glamorous hanging light over the living room seating area, and a series of small lights in a row over the dining table, if you prefer. The trick is to create various ‘zones’ of use within the house using just lighting. Your interior designer or architect can help you with the light design, concealing the wiring, etc.

  • Get brighter drapes, cushions and rugs.

Colour adds a new bright spark to the home, but getting the colour scheme right is key to beautiful home decoration. There is no need to repaint the walls. In fact, you can let the smaller elements, like cushion covers, drapes and floor rugs do the heavy lifting in terms of adding the essential pops of colour to your home. Try fresh new colours like fuchsia, sea green and teal.

  • Hang a painting with its own spotlight.

Art work that you choose for your home reflects your personal taste and refinement. It is a brilliant, impressive beautiful home idea that you can get on board with. Get a large painting that you can display prominently – make sure the colours jump out at you even from a distance – and add a tiny spotlight above it. The light source illuminates the painting such that the entire painting becomes a focal point for the space.

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