Concept of Alkaline Ionizer

An aionizer lkaline is also known as water Ionizer, an appliance that claims it will raise the pH of water especially drinking water by the help of electrolysis further by separating the water stream into alkaline and acidic elements.

There are many benefits of using alkaline water as it helps in providing many health benefits to the human body and also brings in the practice of following a healthy diet.

Alkaline ionizer is often sold in the market with the claim of giving health benefits as it will make the water more alkaline, this will help in the prevention of many diseases and also slow down the aging process, it will give more energy to the body and bring down the effect of acidic food in the body.

There is no such research evidence to support the claim of health benefits we get from alkaline ionizer but still, there are many customers who use the alkaline ionizer and are ready to pay the cost for the same.

Drinking alkaline water might not be a solution to all the health benefits, there are many such cases where alkaline water has not been a solution to a health issue and has also proved to be very expensive, there are many hidden dangers of consuming alkaline water which the consumer is not aware of.

There are different forms and uses of alkaline water and Ionizers.

  1. Strong Alkaline water: – This can be used to remove the grease or some oily patch or spot from your clothes, it also cures joint pain and swollen tenderness, it can also remove grease from the stove and counters, it gives relief from swollen feet or hands just by soaking cloth in the alkaline water, it also helps in killing fungus in the plant.
  2. Standard Alkaline Water: – Can be used for drinking and making tea or coffee, washing eatables like fruits, vegetables, etc.
  3. Mild alkaline water: – This type of water is used for cooking and preparing soups, this can be used by people who have a very sensitive digestive system.
  4. Low alkaline water: – This can be used by children above 3 years etc. and this can also be served to the guests.

Alkaline ionizer helps in retaining the natural water despite the fact that it’s being run through an ionizer machine that has platinum and titanium plates in it, these plates are basically used to exchange some amount of titanium or platinum ions when they come in contact with the water, this helps in increasing the pH level of water and also increases its alkaline nature. By this process, the water impurities can also be removed easily.

There are many companies that make alkaline ionizers and they provide machines that can help in reducing the chemical level in the water and bring it to normal drinking and cooking.

Before installing an Alkaline ionizer it’s very important for the customers/ users to understand the type of water that is being consumed in their house, what is the pH level of water, how hard is the water, whether installing ionizer help in making the water quality better and lighter.