How To Choose The Perfect Spray Paint

You can develop many designs with spray paint. Some possibilities are to restore and paint wooden stools, steel chairs, small railings, gates, tables,  wooden letters and even appliances such as a refrigerator, for example. It is also possible to paint canned glasses for use in the kitchen or other spaces in the house.

How To Choose Spray Paint

·         Types Of Surfaces

Spray colours for wood, metals and plastic are available on the market, in addition to the general purpose ones, best suited for multi-surface craft projects. The spray coat for metals and wood, in addition to being kind to paint, also serves to decorate and repair scratches in varnished places. It is excellent for restorations and has good coverage.

Plastic paint can be used on both inner and outer surfaces. It is suitable for painting plastics, PVC, acrylic, ceramic and other smooth surfaces. However, it is not ideal for application on flexible surfaces such as canvas, awnings and vinyl.

·         Types Of Finishing

Regardless of the indication of use, spray paints are found in a wide variety of colours and can have a glossy, matte, satin and metallic finish. Therefore, the choice of spray paint should be made based on the material to be painted and the type of finish desired.


When buying spray paint, look at the packaging for colour per square meter. So you get the right amount you’ll need.

How To Use Spray Paint

Generally, there are instructions on how to use spray paint in the can. It is essential to follow them correctly. But there are also some vital tips in a good painting, and that is not always on the labels.

Pre-Painting Tips

Before applying the paint throughout the piece, test it in a small area and wait for it to dry. This will give you a perfect idea of how colour and finish will look and avoid unpleasant surprises. Remove dirt or dust from the surface to be painted. Some materials further require that the surface be sanded before application and primed for better adhesion of the paint. Shake the can well before use, so the colour is well blended. So you will have the same colour and consistency throughout the application. Find info at

Application Tips

Apply the paint slowly, moving the spray along the entire surface for even coverage. Do not look at the shower in only one spot; this can cause the paint to drain and ruin your work. Do not attempt to cover the part from the first application. At that first moment, it is normal for parts to be discovered. Full coverage will only happen after the second application. Wait for the paint to dry to apply the next coat. Some paint marks require up to 24h of drying time between one layer and another. But generally, one does not have to wait that long. When in doubt, check the label.

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