Coastal Areas and Erosion: The issues plumbers come across in Mandurah

Mandurah, Western Australia is a coastal city about one hour south of Perth. Many people are attracted to the area and are hopeful to build their dream house as close to the water as possible. One thing they may not think of, or realise when building so close to the ocean, is that salt is a homeowners worst nightmare!

When completing plumbing jobs in Mandurah, plumbers are finding more than often than not, that any external metal fixtures and fittings that are exposed to the elements are wearing down much faster than areas that are found more inland.

The combination of moisture, oxygen and salt will damage anything metal worst than rust. As the salt eats away at the metal and weakening the structure, it quickly corrodes and falls apart five times faster than fresh water does. Bacteria also found in the salt water will also consume the metal and in turn, their excretions turn to rust.  Plumbers in Mandurah know all too well that this is an ever occurring issue, and while they cannot magically “fix” the erosion caused by salt, there are ways in which we can prolong all the life of metal fixtures and fittings at your property.

Ways to prevent rust and prolong the life of metal fixtures and fittings

  • Gutters and downpipes: Keep your gutters clear and clean. You can also try to hose them out with fresh water to help slow down the corrosion process from happening.

  • Hot Water Units: thorough and frequent servicing may help prevent rust from spreading and identifying the beginnings of corrosion or deterioration. If caught at the right time, it may prevent a costly visit from a plumber later down the track

  • Metal Roofing: have your roof inspected by a plumber to check for any rust spots or holes caused by salty water. Just like a hot water unit, if caught at the right time, it will be a relatively easy fix.

By following these steps and being aware and proactive about the serious implications and issues that rust and saltwater erosion can have on our homes and buildings, you may find that your external metal fixtures and fittings have a longer life span.

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