6 Reasons People Choose Tile Over Other Options

Did you know that February 23 was National Tile Day? If not, don’t sweat it. You wouldn’t be expected to know the day even exists, let alone remember it – unless you are a flooring professional. The National Tile Day website offered a lot of helpful information to industry players who wanted to make the most of the day.

On the front page of the site is an interesting explanation of why consumers choose tile over other options. The website offers six different reasons, each of which is discussed below. You may or may not agree with those reasons. At any rate, tile is just one option homeowners have to work with.

1. Durability and Sustainability

The first offered reason suggests that people choose tile because it is both durable and sustainable. In terms of the former, tiles are extremely durable compared to many of the other materials people choose. For example, a good ceramic floor tile can take a lot more punishment than either carpet or natural wood.

In terms of sustainability, that’s up in the air. Many of the floor tiles imported into this country are handcrafted by skilled artisans with generations of family history behind them. Companies like Austin-based Clay Imports bring these beautiful tiles into the States. The tiles are considered sustainable because they are handcrafted using natural materials.

On the other hand, there is no shortage of machine-made tiles to choose from. These may not be sustainable when you consider how they are manufactured.

2. Weather Resistance

Reason number two is the weather resistance tiles offer for outdoor applications. A well-made tile is less affected by water, temperature extremes, and UV radiation than other building materials. Of course, they have to be properly finished to make them weather resistant. Also note that certain kinds of tiles hold up better to certain kinds of weather conditions.

3. Product Versatility

Next in line is the versatility tile offers. Tile is an excellent product for covering a kitchen or bathroom floor. But that’s not where it ends. Tiles can also be used to cover a back splash, line a shower, surround the wall above the tub, cover kitchen counters, and so forth. There are very few surfaces that cannot be covered with tile.

4. Low Maintenance

If you are the kind of homeowner who despises housework, this fourth reason is right up your alley. Apparently, a lot of people choose tile because it is low maintenance. Whether you are looking at ceramic, stone, or clay tiles, most tile surfaces are fairly easy to clean. They do not stain as easily as wood, vinyl, linoleum, and textiles either. And because tiles are so durable, it is really hard to do major damage to them.

5. Energy Efficiency

The fifth reason people choose tile is its inherent energy efficiency. Given the tiles are typically made of compressed clay, sand, and other similar materials, they are more energy efficient in terms of heating and cooling a home. Understand that most tiles offer exceptional thermal mass. That means they hold more consistent temperatures for longer periods of time.

6. Better for Your Health

Finally, it is virtually unheard of for tiles to release volatile organic compounds. The same cannot be said for many other building materials. By not releasing such compounds, tiles are less likely to cause adverse health reactions. And for people with allergies, tile may be a better option than carpet and textiles.

Now you know why many people choose tile over other building materials. How about you? Do you prefer tile over your other options?

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