Where to Buy Ergonomic Chairs From

Offices today are evolving into smart workplaces. By buying office furniture that suits the different physical needs of the employees, businesses are enhancing their abilities to be more productive and driven. Ergonomic chairs play a crucial role in this pursuit. These chairs not only provide optimum comfort to the users, they are also fully adjustable and flexible to cater to different sitting needs throughout the day. While looking to buy these chairs online, there are a variety of options to choose from.  Among these, office chairs which are sold by Autonomous.AI stand out from the rest when it comes to providing optimum comfort to the users, and keeping their posture supported throughout.

Here are some Ergonomic Chairs Buying Options online

  1. Autonomous: It is a brand that keeps innovation at its core while designing office furniture. They have a variety of options to offer for ergonomic office chair seekers. These chairs are packed with many features which are crafted keeping in mind only one goal – good health of the user. All the state-of-the-art components of these chairs are intricately designed and tested at the company’s manufacturing facilities, with well-qualified engineers supervising the process throughout.
  2. Humanscale: This is also a brand to check out when looking for ergonomic office chairs. Humanscale has been able to up its game in designing ergo chairs, by doing away with protruding chair adjusting levers. It produces office chairs which adjust automatically to the needs of the user. However, as these chairs make use of leather in their construction, they are priced relatively higher.
  3. Herman Miller: This is one of the biggest and renowned names in the office chair making industry. Its chairs include many features that ensure an ergonomic day at the office. For added comfort, its chairs use a mesh fabric, which is a breathable material. Herman Miller is known to provide extended warranty periods of up to 12 years!
  4. IKEA: IKEA chairs are known for their sturdy foundation and extremely competitive pricing. These chairs a basic set of features for a healthy sitting experience but lose out on fancier adjustments to keep the price level down.
  5. Steelcase: Another renowned brand among office chair manufacturers, Steelcase designs ergonomic office chairs which pack many modern features. These include mesh fabric, adjustable seat height and tension, arm rest height, leg-rest and head rest. Manually adjustable lumbar support in these chairs by Steelcase, is a down side.

Choosing only the Best When it Comes to Ergonomic Office Chairs

Although there are a number of options available in the market, these office chairs by Autonomous.AI leave a strong impression on the minds of the user as they are tailor-made keeping in mind their needs. Hence, if you are considering to buy the best office chair for back pain relief, you need to consider the list below.

  1. ErgoStool: It is a pinnacle of innovation at the workplace. When engineers got to know about the ill effects of long standing periods at their now common stand up desks, they decided to give users a healthy break by designing the ErgoStool. This stool builds the core and back strength through its back less design. Besides, the wobbly base allows the required amount of flexibility during work hours. By using the ErgoStool, users can improve circulation in the lower body and continue their work with more enthusiasm.
  2. AvoChair: With the earth staring at an existential threat due to ever increasing global warming, the need of an eco-friendly chair was felt. Thus came into existence, the AvoChair, which is made of 100% recycled materials. The choice of materials doesn’t compromise on the core principle of designing a comfortable chair. It has all the curves, just at the right places, to support the body weight and keep it balanced, even when working for extended periods.
  3. MyoChair: This is an ergonomic office chair, which has a sleek and intuitive design. It is packed with a number of user-friendly features such as a breathable multi-layered mesh, a durable foam seat, auto balance mechanism, weight sensitive feature, neck rest, leg rest and fully adjustable supports. And all this comes at a very affordable price.


While the numerous options of office chairs available online may confuse you, it can be easy to short-list the perfect one if you know properly what you want. Autonomous.AI has chair options which are suitable everyone, no matter what the body type.  Explore it here


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