Choosing The Right Type Of Air Conditioner

There are various factors to consider while choosing the right type of air conditioner such as.

  • Capacity –

It is a very important factor to consider before buying an air conditioner. The type of air conditioner will depend on the room size and floor size. This will determine the specified ton for the air conditioner. Also if it is a single room then a window AC or split AC can be preferred, if cooling space consists of 2 or more rooms then a packaged cooling system can be preferred and a whole building like hotel or office is to be cooled then central air conditioning systems can be preferred.

  • Energy Efficiency –

An air conditioner which is energy efficient should be chose. They can be determined by seeing the stars they have. They are categorized by energy efficient ratings through stars which is also known as EER standardised by BEE or bureau of energy efficient. The higher the stars the less electricity will be consumed by the air conditioner.

  • Window Or Split –

Whether to choose a window air conditioner or a split air conditioner. Windows ACs are cheap and easy to install but split ACs are quieter and have better air distribution.

  • Air Quality –

The air quality produced is very important if the AC is for home. So it is wise to choose an air conditioner with good filter which produces clean air and ensures energy efficiency and good cooling performance. A good filter can prevent the choking of evaporator due to dirt and dust.

  • Cleaning And Maintenance –

Air conditioners need regular service for optimum performance and to remain in good condition. An air conditioner that needs less maintenance should be chose. But it should also be serviced and maintained from time to time.

  • Cooling Speed –

The air conditioner should have an adjustable temperature setting or thermostat. Usually air conditioners have two cooling speeds as well as a minimum of 2 fan speed for using variable speeds. The air conditioner should also have an energy efficient mode to save energy as well as provide good cooling.  

Many other expert level factors can also be considered, but these are the basic factors to consider while choosing an AC.

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