Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor 

HVAC systems are an essential and daily part of many people’s lives. We need air conditioning  and heating in their homes, especially if we live in areas that experience extreme weather. 

HVAC, like other machines,  needs regular care and maintenance, if it is to operate at an optimum. 

Good HVAC contractors are in high demand, especially during the peak seasons. They install, repair and service air conditioners, heaters and ventilators. 

Like in any other profession, there are many unscrupulous contractors in the HVAC field. You should be careful to pick a qualified and trustworthy contractor. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right HVAC contractor.

1.  Check with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

Professionals usually have an organization under which they register. HVAC contractors are no exception. 

ACCA  is made up of thousands of HVAC experts and businesses with a good reputation. When looking for a contractor in your area, start there and pick a professional close to your home.

2. Consumer review website

Review websites are a great asset when looking for professionals in your area. HVAC contractors have review websites such as Angie’s list, where companies are rated by their customers. Other review sites like Yelp! and google reviews can be of help too.

If a contractor is good at their work, you will find lots of good reviews that you can verify. It’s not advisable to pick a contractor without a referral from several happy clients. Don’t fall for a smooth talking salesperson; they may say they will do a job well but disappoint you.

3. Ask friends, family, and colleagues 

Almost everyone has experience with an HVAC contractor. We have all had to deal with them at some point. So, ask your friends or colleagues at work if they know of any good contractors. You can also check for referrals on social sites like Facebook. You are sure to find some great suggestions.

It’s best if any referrals you get can be from people who have had first-hand experience with the contractors they suggest. Try to pick someone who can help you in all aspects of HVAC system management, from installation to maintenance and repairs.

4. Pick a licensed contractor

It goes without saying that most businesses need a license to operate. When it comes to picking HVAC professionals, they must show you a license allowing them to operate.  

HVAC licensing requirements vary from state to state. If a contractor is licensed in one state, it doesn’t mean they are allowed to practice in all states.  

To get a permit, contractors must give evidence of their training and experience. Hence, such a license is a good sign that your contractor is learned in their profession. 

To verify if a contractor is licensed, check with your state Department of Labor. If a contractor sends his employees to you, check if they are licensed, too, before letting them work on your equipment.

5. Get referrals

A good contractor should give your referrals from customers they have worked for in the recent past. Ask for the contact details of at least three satisfied customers and ask them for information. They should give you good reviews of the contractor’s work.

It helps if the customers you contact have had problems similar to yours solved by the contractor. Also, ask about the contractor’s conduct, did they finish the job on time and stick to the budget? Were they easy to work with, and did they handle the customer’s property with care? These questions will help you pick the right HVAC contractor for the job.

6. Check for experience

sticky notes on paper document beside pens and box

Pick a contractor who has worked successfully for many years as an HVAC contractor. It’s not easy to run a stable business for many years, any contractor who has done that is doing things right. They also need to keep their experience up to date by enlisting in courses on various aspects of HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. 

Picking a contractor who has run a successful business for many years means you are getting someone with up-to-date knowledge and the required hands-on experience.  You are less likely to go wrong with them.

7. Pick a bonded and insured contractor

You can’t allow an HVAC contractor without insurance to work on your property. 

For example, if they are injured while working on your equipment or accidentally damage your property, insurance can take care of it. Hiring an uninsured contractor  exposes you to unnecessary liability.

Pick a bonded contractor too, so that if they do not finish a job, you are protected from any losses as you will not be held responsible for their negligence.

8.  Choose a contractor who can work with modern appliances

These days it’s essential to install energy-efficient equipment.  Any contractor you pick should have experience with Energy star-rated HVAC equipment. If you haven’t invested in energy star rated equipment, you should. It will help you save on costs, and it is good for the environment. You can also get rebates for purchasing and installing energy star rated equipment in your home.

9. Look out for financing options

Installing, maintaining, or repairing HVAC systems is not always cheap. 

If you can pick a qualified contractor who can offer you flexible financing options, especially when installing new equipment, that would be great. 

Some HVAC contractors offer discounted services that you can take advantage of to save money. Just ensure no matter what financing options or discounts a contractor offers, they can give you excellent services.

Do you need help picking a contractor?

These are some tips on how to choose the right HVAC contractor. If you are having challenges finding a contractor in your area, heating and air conditioning New Jersey experts can help. Take time to pick the right person for the job, your equipment will last longer that way.

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