Integrating Comfort With Industrial Style

Industrial furniture is beautiful, simple and highly functional, however, it’s not exactly famous for being the  most cosy of all of the interior design styles. With the absence of plush surfaces, layered textiles and explorative colours, you’d be forgiven for considering the Industrial style more cold than it is homely, but in real life households, that’s not really the case. There are ways to make any taste or style incredibly comfortable, it’s just a question of a few tweaks and tips here and there! Here’s how to integrate comfort with the Industrial style to make it work for you and your family…

Lay the foundations and work from there

Your comfort and convenience really does begin from your floor plan. If you’re updating your existing formation, consider moving everything out the room to get a fresh perspective on the space. If you’re starting from the very beginning, lucky you – no extra lugging! Sit down and sketch out a small scale version of the room and play with different formations and plans. The best option will leave windows and doors clear, plenty of accessible walkways and convenience as far as the function of the room goes. Nailing the floor plan will make everything else easier and you’ll feel comfortable just existing in the space, so it’s well worth the time!

Bring as much personality in as you can

A comfortable home is one that reflects its inhabitants! The industrial style is characterised by function, raw materials and a limited colour palette of neutrals, russets and the natural tones of sustainable materials. Contrast the guidelines of the aesthetic with plenty of personal accessories, pops of your family’s favourite colours and pieces that you’ve curated over the years. When in doubt, mix and match! There’s nothing wrong with tweaking an aesthetic to make it work for you and your family. Try gallery walls, statement items or homemade crafts, all will bring a lovely personal edge that will enhance the comfort factor.

Change with the seasons

Seasons change and if your home is going to feel comfortable all year round, your interiors should too. Does this mean that you have to go out and buy new furniture every time the weather changes? Definitely not. Simply add more soft furnishings and cosy surfaces in rich, comforting colours when the weather is colder and mindfully bring in fresher, cleaner accessories when it’s hotter. For summer industrial style, think airy linen in cool greys and whites or breezy cotton accessories to enhance your glass accents and houseplants. Drape chunky wool and cashmere knits to fight the seasonal chills when they come. You can even lay down a rug in a rich russet tone to add a big kick of cosiness!

Get creative and play around

Always remember that you can be as creative as you like when designing your home and placing your industrial style furniture. It’s so easy to get stuck in inspiration traps and feel that you have to follow someone else’s vision or house exactly. Do that, and no matter what your interior looks like, it’s not going to feel very comfortable or personal. Factor in the whole family’s tastes and preferences, be as playful as you like and switch things up if they don’t feel right.

And there you have it! You can channel every single style you want without having to compromise on comfort just by following these easy tips and tricks! Whether you’re looking to switch up your existing decor or you’re furnishing your home from scratch, these pointers are going to lead you to a beautifully styled and lovingly liveable atmosphere that the whole family feels cosy in.




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