Interior Designs for The Walls and Ceilings

Nowadays, people are giving more importance to the interior decor of their homes. When they are with their family, they want to be happy and peaceful. Interior designs improve the quality of life through design and decoration. When the interior decor is colorful and pleasant, the owners will feel good while entering the home or a building. The designs and decorations in all the rooms should really work well together and complement each other.

Art Completes your Home

You spend a lot of time in the living room with your family, friends, and guests. It is the best place to watch movies with your kids and relax after coming back from work. You should select a trendy, chick and highly upbeat designs to make the place look welcoming and modern. If you want to add a luxurious look to your home, you can look for interior designers who can work with gold leaf and silver leaf and create one-of-a-kind finishes. If you are looking for such companies in Los Angeles.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a wall and ceiling finish which is made from fired limestone combined with water. When this plaster is applied to the walls, it is exposed to the carbon dioxide in the air and it turns back into limestone. This plaster is also called as lime plaster. Usually, aggregates like marble, granite, or glass will be added in plasters. No such aggregates are added in Venetian plasters. When it is exposed to natural light, it gives the effect of lightness and stillness in the place. They are very durable and needs less maintenance. You do not need to re-plaster the entire wall to cover one scuff. They can be repaired in patches and blended with the rest of the wall. A damp cloth and mild detergent, a light sanding with the grit sandpaper or fine steel wool can be used to remove minor scuffs. Re-plastering is easy because no aggregates are used in it. But for other plasters which use aggregates, it is necessary to re-plaster the entire wall or ceiling to hide the scuff perfectly. Also, you will lose some flexibility if it is not applied properly. Lime plasters do not emit VOC’s and are nontoxic. It allows moisture to escape from the substrate and acts as a good resistant. They give the specialty finish to the walls and ceilings. They are expensive than paint.

Gold, Copper and Silver Leaf

They are metallic leaf finishes used in large-scale venues such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, cafes and private homes. They give a luxurious look to them. In ancient times, gold and silver symbolized wealth and prosperity. People who want to express their wealth use this type of leaf finishes in their homes. The gold leaf finish in the ceiling will give a glamorous and beautiful look to the entire house. Copper leaf finish is also used widely in many buildings.

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