Carpet Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Many homeowners prefer the soft touch that carpet adds to their floors. It’s both gentle and warm on bare feet and even provides a sound barrier between levels of the house. The problem is that many people aren’t sure how best to care for the material. Knowing what to do can help prolong the life of your carpeting and keep it looking great. Here are four tips for smart maintenance.

1.      Manage Bumps 

If you’ve ever seen buckled carpeting, you know what an eyesore it can be. It’s also consequently a safety risk when you think about someone tripping. It begs a curious question, however: why does carpet stretch? Humidity levels can play a role, along with installation flaws or poor treatment of the material. No matter the cause, it is possible to make the surface flat again with the right tools and a skilled hand.

2.      Remove Stains

The unfortunate thing about stains is that the longer they set, the more difficult they are to remove. It’s important to address a spill as soon as you see it occur, with the right cleaning products. To blot the stain, use a cloth that absorbs really well.

Another consequence of stains that many of them are accompanied by strong odors. These smells can seep through your carpet and take up residence in the subfloor. This is difficult to reverse, so prompt action is key.

3.      Shampoo Fibers

Even if you don’t have obvious stains, your entire carpet can become discolored over time due to a variety of factors. If you hung on to extra swatches when the carpet was initially installed, you may be surprised at the difference when you compare the two.

By renting a steamer or employing a professional company, you can refresh the surface and brighten up the whole room. This process can make the flooring look like new again.

4.      Use Rugs

There are some areas of your floor that will receive more foot traffic than the rest of the room. Years of being trampled by dirty shoes can leave your fibers looking flat and faded. One way to alleviate this problem is to use rugs strategically in these spots. Rugs are much easier and cheaper to replace. Additionally, when it’s time to switch out the rug, you can experiment with new styles to give your room a design upgrade.

Daily life can deliver quite the beating to your carpeting. Staying on top of these maintenance tasks helps it survive the onslaught and last for years to come.

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