4 Tips For Redecorating Your Flat When It Comes To Property Refurbishment in London

Want to make a major change to your flat quickly and efficiently? Repainting your property can not only completely redesign your aesthetic and tone but breathe new life into the oldest of builds. However, it is crucially important that you take a structured approach,or you run the risk of find yourself sitting on a covered sofa for a little longer than is conventionally comfortable.

So, here are some four simple steps to help ensure your flat is repainted exactly as you need it.  Starting with-

  1. Testing your colour: There are few experiences worse than sitting down in a finished room and realising, you know that? You hate the colour. Any reliable paint shop will be able to colour-match the exact hue you are looking for and provide tester samples that you can apply to your walls to ensure that they are truly right. Once painted on, be sure to leave these on for a few days and view them at dawn, dusk and during the day. Only after you are 100% satisfied should you consider putting brush to wall and committing your colour to your flat.
  2. Prepping your room: One of the biggest and most common mistakes is not preparing your workspace correctly. Every surface should be a given a brush down and quick clean to remove any grime, grease or dust. This can be done with a simple jiffy cloth and a spray bottle. Once clean, make sure you use masking tape to secure any boards or panelling that could get hit with errant paint. This should also see you (safely!) cover any sockets or light fixtures and move your furniture and decorations into the middle of the room, covering them with a canvas or dust sheet.
  3. Gathering your tools: If you’re going to put the effort into painting a room, it needs to be done right. If you’re starting from scratch this means picking up a reliable brush for edge work, roller with arm (preferably detachable) for floors and ceilings, slip-free paint tray, and some methylated spirits or paint-stripper to clean your brushes at the end of the day. Luckily, any reliable hardware store should carry these items for you and shouldn’t be a challenge, especially if you’re undertaking property refurbishment in London or other metropolitan cities.
  4. Getting painting: This is the big stuff. You can be a little slap-dash with applying your white base coat but always make sure to work right to the edges and give it ample time to dry, with 24 hours in a well-ventilated roomnormally doing it. Once you’ve finished out your walls, you can go over your edge work and then apply a second base coat if needed or if you are painting over a previously applied coat. Once this is finished you can apply a coat or two of your chosen colours and leave it to dry.

 Want to repaintyour new flat? Take a look at our latest article for 4 top tips on applying toy paintwork and how to avoid issues when it comes to property refurbishment in London.

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