Auckland Roofers On Five Of The Most Popular Roofing Materials

If you want to add value to your home by investing in it, a great way to do that is to update your roof. It’s a large, expensive job, but replacing your roof before you put it on the market will increase its resale value significantly. However, which roofing materials are best to choose from? The materials you use could further increase its worth and add to the overall attractiveness of your home as well. Keep reading to see what Auckland roofers advise are good roofing materials to use.

Some Factors To Consider

Before you’re ready to begin choosing the right style and price, you should consider a few factors. An Auckland roofer will advise on the following:

  •       If it’s available in the right colours
  •         The price
  •         How much weight it will add
  •       How it performs during severe weather
  •       If it requires particular methods for installation or maintenance

The Most Popular Roofing Materials Right Now

  • Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most commonly used roofing materials in Auckland. They’re commonly installed on residential homes because they’re readily available, come in a variety of colours, are easy to install and affordable. However, asphalt shingles have no insulation properties, and their quality is not always guaranteed.

  • Concrete Or Clay Tiles

If you choose concrete or clay tiles, you’ll be adding a touch of elegance to your home. Clay tiles will last up to 50 years if maintained well. However, they’re cumbersome, expensive, and require more framing during installation. Concrete tiles are more affordable but still heavy. Your roofer should be able to advise if your foundation can carry the added weight.

  • Metal roofing

Metal roofs are no longer the flimsy, noisy tin roofs that you knew. If you install a metal roof, you’ll enjoy its long lifespan, weather resistance, and how lightweight it is. You can get them in panels or shingles, and various metals such as zinc, aluminium, stainless steel and copper. They’re also quite energy efficient with excellent insulation properties. However, they can be quite expensive – especially if you choose copper.

  • Synthetic Roofing

You can now install synthetic roofing materials on your roof, which are designed to look like natural materials – in look, colour and texture. Synthetic roofs are easy to install and maintain, which makes them very affordable for the average homeowner. With regular maintenance, a synthetic roof should last up to 50 years; however, some materials can be poor quality, so make sure that your roofer provides the best synthetic roofing available. You can also look for reviews from homeowners who’ve had a synthetic roof installed. The most helpful reviews you’ll find will be from homeowners who’ve had their synthetic roofing for over ten years.

  • Wood Shingles and Wood Shakes

Wood shingles are made by machine, but wood shakes are manufactured by hand. They’re rough looking in comparison, which adds texture, colour and rustic appeal to your home. Wood shakes and shingles are a popular choice because the more weathered they are, the better they look. They’re also long-lasting, fire-resistant and are well suited to cottage or bungalow style homes. If you’re considering this roofing material, you should be prepared for regular maintenance. Wood shakes and shingles don’t do well in wet climates and are known to rot, split or grow mould if not maintained regularly.

An Auckland roofer will be able to advise you on which roofing materials will work best for your home. Depending on your budget, home design and location, they’ll be able to recommend a roofing material that will fit each parameter perfectly. Be open to suggestions; Auckland roofers are experts and will keep the value of your home in mind so that you get a high return.