Are Log Homes Well Insulated?

The log cabins are small houses that are usually bought by people who do not want to spend much money on rent expensive log cabins. They want to have their own to be built by professionals and have outstanding design. Timber frame homes are the classic home when you think of a custom home. They can be some of the most stunning to look at on the hilltop or down in the valley between mountains. Although they are widely observed in the showroom, the customers often ask about the insulation of timber cabins and the most common heating methods. This article will focus on those matters and will explain the important issues related with insulation.

  1. The insulation provided by Timber living company
  2. The advantage of well-insulted homes
  3. Where to find more information?

The insulation provided by Timber living company

If you have already made a decision to have log cabins to live in all year round, it is the highest time to select the professional company to have the dream log cabin built. During browsing the Internet, it is worth to pay especially attention at Timber living – an Irish company that is a leader in constructing, delivering and building at the construction site various log cabins.

It is worth to learn more about the insulation provided by the company while they are reputable on the market. As you may learn at their website, they care about every detail while building the log cabin and insulation is one of them. They use 100mm foil-backed PIR insulation well-known as kingspan insulation in the roof and floor space. They also do not forget about walls – there are applied 100mm rock wool and damp proof protection on the base. The final elements that are also well-insulted are windows. There are installed double-glazed units that are durable, wind and rain proof.

The advantage of well-insulted homes

There are many benefits when it comes to well-insulted interiors.

Firstly, the log cabins to live in all year round are resistant from various insects and moisture. It means that when it is dry, warm or hot inside, the insects will not attack your log cabin because they mainly love to stay in wet, humid and cold places.

Secondly, a well-insulted house is also very easy to heat because the insulation keeps the warmth inside. It also helps to save a lot when it comes to heating fuel, such as log or electricity because you do not have to turn on heating so frequently.

Where to find more information?

If you are keen on having your own log cabins to live in all year round you should contact one of the Timber living employees to get relevant knowledge on the log cabins. Timber living company consists of well-qualified specialists who are not afraid of challenges to meet the expectations of every customer. They will be able to tell you more about the insulation of the log cabins, and the heating methods. Furthermore, there are also available examples of the most common timber cabins. It is worth to meet them in their main office located in Tullow, Ireland where the showroom is also available. It is opened from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5:30 in the afternoon. And Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. There are also available two offices in Cork and Boyle but they are opened only by advance appointment.

The log cabin is a perfect solution when you look for something unique, completely one of its kinds. It is comfortable and looks like a million dollars at the same time. Moreover, due to well-insulated interiors, you are able to keep warmth for a long time without thinking about heating.

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