Crystal Chandeliers and Pendant Lights: Different but Great

Chandeliers and pendant lights are the two most common lighting options you can find on the market. Both of them can adorn your living room but provide different feelings. If you choose the right type that can perfectly complement your room, the value you can obtain will certainly be higher, and also you will have a much more enjoyable living space.

What are they?

Firstly, let’s see what a pendant light is. This lighting type is a long light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. It usually is suspended by a cord or chain, and hence it is sometimes called a drop or suspender. The designs available on the market are diverse and countless; each option could flexibly create a different sense for your surroundings.

On the other hand, a chandelier is quite similar in terms of how it functions. It is hung from the ceiling, and there are wires and cords beneath the product which enable the chandelier to be lighted up and secure it from falling. The design tends to be more over-the-top and looks luxurious, which defines the occasions in which it should be used.

The differences

Suspension system

The first major difference between a pendant light and a chandelier lies in their suspension systems. Pendant lights have a simpler foundation for how they are hung. Since it usually contains a single or a pair of lights, which are not as heavy as a chandelier, a cord is enough to ensure its safety in use.

As for chandeliers, they are made of crystal, steel, and glass. We can already imagine how heavy they are with their sizes. Manufacturers need to make sure a chandelier never falls, and hence it requires a branded system to handle it. Companies like Showsun Lighting even provide specific plans and components depending on the materials of the customers’ ceiling. It does not only guarantee the chandelier can be securely hung over an extensive period, but also the safety of users. Their personalized plans highlight how vital a suspension is to a chandelier.

Materials used

The typical materials that are used in producing a pendant light include nickel, bronze, Tiffany glass and stained glass. Some other sub-categories of pendant lights also use brushed steel, blown glass, and lampshades, which depend on the design and cost of producing this product.

On the other side, a reason that chandeliers are much heavier is the materials they are made of. Steel, wrought iron and crystal are the most regular elements in this lighting type. Chandeliers use materials whose amount and size are several times bigger than a pendant light. Showsun Lighting heavily employs crystal as their primary material in making chandeliers. The elegance and their unique sparkle are originated from crystal. Such aroma is preferable when customers require the light to be a focal point of their living space, or consumers prefer a traditional decorating style.


Besides the ability to decorate your room, their functional perspective is also crucial in selecting the best type for your home. For instance, a pendant light has a spectrum that is more focused on a specific area. If you wish to light up more space, you may need to acquire more fixtures.

However, a single chandelier can light up the entire space with multiple light bulbs in it. Furthermore, crystals also enhance the brightness as light reflects on such material. One thing we need to understand is that this kind of lighting is not suitable for reading or working; a natural light source is recommended if you are considering putting it in your study room.


Inevitably this is a factor that separates chandeliers from pendant lights. The latter is made with a wide range of affordable stuff, and hence its retailed price is relatively consumer-friendly. Chandeliers are naturally more expensive because of the materials and their costs of designs and installation, but we should never discount the decorative aspects from both options.


Either a pendant light or a chandelier are excellent options for decoration purpose; however, how they are used and where they are placed is vital. If you love simplicity, the pendant light is your best choice; again if you are going for over-the-top design, you can consult professional firms like Showsun Lighting and ask their experts for chandeliers that can perfectly fit your room.

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