There has been a drastic increase in crime rates in all of London ever since the reduction in police numbers, but not every borough in London is affected by this development in the same way. The consequent impact varies from one area to the other; this article is aimed at highlighting the crime rates in different areas of London as at 2017/2018.

  1. Westminster

This borough is situated at the heart of London and due to the numerous numbers of tourists trooping to this region; it has experienced the most impact of crime rate with 58,129 incidents in the financial year of 2017/2018. Tourists have fallen victim to about 32,408 of the crime incidents in Westminster. Many stores and commercial organizations in Westminster have also experienced huge crime incidents in the forms of thefts, vandalism, burglary etc. However, those with Retail Security London have been safely protected from these events.

  1. Camden

This area which is just north of Central London is second on this list of boroughs most affected by crime incidents with 38,577 incidents in the last financial year. Some of the most expensive and affluent regions like Hampstead are situated in Camden as well as a thriving market. Quite unfortunately, crime incidents have increased by 24.2% this financial year as compared to the rate in the previous year which was 31,060. However, there is a lower level of criminal damage this year which is now at 1,843 incidents as compared with the 1,947 it was in the past year. In order to ensure that the security level on your site is high and devoid of violence, then you may need to hire a construction site security London.

  1. Lambeth

Unlike Westminster and Camden, most of the crime incidents in this borough are constituted by violence against person and not theft. This area is third on this list with incidents rate of 35,007. However theft and handling contributes fewer proportions to the crime incidents in Lambeth with a crime incident rate of just 13,245 out of 35,007. It may be ideal to hire a construction site security London to oversee your construction security related issues in Lambeth.

  1. Newham

This borough is located North East of the City of London and it has recorded 34,841 crime incidents in the 2017/2018 financial year which is just a little short of the value for Lambeth. Newham is the site of the London stadium and as such it has many attractions. Consequently, many of the crime incidents have been constituted by violence against person (10,524), handling and theft (13,790). This area of London has experienced a relatively high level of criminal damage which is at a rate of 2,330 incidents in the past year. If you’ve got a store/retail shop in Newham, then you should consider hiring a retail security London.

  1. Southwark

Southwark is renowned for its tourist attractions like the Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern and so much more. The resulting effect of this is that there are always tourists moving in and around this borough and as such there is a crime incident level of 33,997 recorded in the 2017/2018 financial year. There is an increment on this number from the 33,068 it was in the previous year.




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