All the Exciting Stuff to Experience in Georgia 2019

Say hello to the Peach State which is the 8th most populous and 24th largest in all of USA. Ranked as the top 100 fastest growing state of the nation, falling second only to Texas, Georgia is truly a haven for tourist and those who simply cannot get enough of the subtropical climate feel. The Film Industry of Georgia promotes popular forms of entertainment, since 1972, over 700 film and television projects have been a part of this state, making it the ‘Hollywood of the South’. But there is more to Georgia than you could probably experience in a lifetime, here is why you should consider visiting the Empire State of the South this year.

 Atlanta Botanic Garden

This breathtaking 30-acre garden is the pride of the state, offering a splendid mix of vibrantly colored flowers that bloom and blossom, displaying nature’s finest session of botany one could ever experience. Exotic ones that embrace your sight at first glance include bromeliads, ferns, mosses, and trailing vines.

Chattahoochee National Forest

With a spread of trees abundantly occupying 750,000 acres, such scenic beauty is worthy of family camping trips, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, picnics, swimming and much more. For all those who actively pursue outdoor fun, this is a great place to get your kicks if you are an adrenaline junkie of sorts.

Georgia Aquarium

Welcome to the world’s largest aquarium to date with over a hundred thousand aquatic animals in nearly 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater all put for your display. The sheer size of this place will easily get you overwhelmed at first glance. This is the perfect spot for families with kids to enjoy and educate themselves at the same time.

The Okatse & Martvili Canyons & Waterfall

Georgia has a hilly landscape due to which it is rich with splendid canyons, however, nothing comes close to the sight of Okatse and Martvili which are the best and can be easily marked as some of the finest tourist attractions in the state. However, make sure that you not traveling with young ones as the officials might restrict your movements for safety reasons.     


The icing on the cake, however, for all destinations to visit in Georgia without a doubt is Kazbegi. Become one with your inner soul as the majestic surrounding takes you to the land of dreams. Even though if you are not an enthusiast for hiking, the Gregeti Trinity church would enthrall you to your limits. This holy monument is located 2,170 meters above sea level, which is for sure the pathway to heaven as many would like to believe.

We hope this post was able to entice you to the point where you start packing your bags and decide to visit Georgia soon. However, if you are interested in moving in all together with your family then there are several real estate agents in Georgia that can help you find the perfect house for you. Just make sure to visit this great state during May, June, or September to evade the summer heat as well as the freezing weather.

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