A Guide To Make Your Bathroom Classy: Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

Your bathroom is one of those places in your house where you can relax and think about life. Yeah! Thinking about life or singing like a mad Rockstar under the shower is one of those moments when you feel free and relaxed. So, when it’s about the bathrooms, you better keep the ambience going. And why won’t you do that when you can use the UK Bathroom Store discount codes to have a significant discount on almost all the bathroom furniture?

Here is a list to help you redesign your bathroom with some classy furniture. But before we start, here are some of the things you should keep an eye on while designing your bathroom.

  • Before going for any bathroom furniture do not forget to measure your bathroom space. Measurement is essential unless you don’t want to buy expensive bathroom furniture only to find that it doesn’t fit in. So be careful and do your homework properly.
  • There are two types of bathroom furniture. The floor-standing one and the wall hangings. Now, design your furniture according to your bathroom space. Don’t go for the expensive or classy designs unless you are sure about the fittings.
  • Last but not least, here comes the styling. Now, it’s entirely up to you what style do you want to have in your bathroom. Just a little suggestion here, go for a theme. Choose a theme and choose the colour combination and style and design of the furniture according to the theme.

Considering you’ve done all your homework and have selected a theme already, here are the types of bathroom furniture you can choose to make your bathroom look better than ever.

Types of bathroom furniture:-

The Basin valley units:

Basin valley units usually are freestanding units. These are the most bought bathroom furniture. This Basin valley contains a basin (like obviously) that is entirely or partially sunk at the top of the unit. These units in most of the cases include a cupboard and/or a set of drawers. It offers an extra storage space as well as gives your bathroom a stylish and classy look. These Basin valley units are available in a lot of colours and designs. Like the semi-recessed and the counter top basins. Although most of these basin units come with a fitted basin already, if you already have a cupboard you can also choose this countertop basin and fit it on the top of your cupboard. So, you can select a particular design or can even mix and match to create the perfect look.

Wall hung basins:

Wall hung basins are the permanent solution to your *won’t compromise with style because of small space* problems. While the freestanding version of basins occupies some extra space to your bathrooms, this wall hung basin units are going to hang from the bathroom walls, not occupying any space at all. The classy designs of these units will be mounted on your bathroom wall. So, there will be no pedestal taking up the floor space. These basin units will perfectly fit your smaller bathroom. You can buy a flat basin unit and mount it on your bathroom wall as countertop basins. However, these units are also available with pre-installed drawers and storage cabinets too.

Mirrors and cabinets:

Wall mounted mirrors and cabinets are fantastic ideas to add a classy look to your bathroom. Wall mounted mirrors have been proven useful for bathrooms with limited space. They can be placed on top of the basin in your bathroom. There are also illuminated glass mirrors to add a glamorous texture to your bathroom. There are also various other designs available of wall mounted mirrors and cabinets. You can also try choosing one from them.

Basin and toilet units:

These units combining a basin, cupboard and a back to wall toilet are best for smaller bathrooms. These units make sure they don’t use much space. These units put almost all the necessary things together as one and are available in various designs. They will combine the essential bathroom furniture and will give your bathroom a classy and unique style. These units are highly on demand as they give your bathroom a classy and harmonised look.

Here are some of the essential bathroom furniture which can give your bathroom a classy and glamorous look. And you can use the ukbathroomstore.co.uk discount codes to avail some great discounts on bathroom furniture in the UK. Check them out, find yourself a great deal and give your bathroom a look it deserves.

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