8 Reasons to Keep in Mind While Buying a Fire Alarm System for Your Office

If you’re thinking of purchasing a fire alarm system for your office, then you’re in the right place. These systems consist of a number of important components, all of which are designed to protect your livelihood – your company.

You need to not only protect the building and its contents but also your employees. No matter what type of business you run, you need to consider these reasons for having one of these fire alarm systems installed in your building.

1) You’ll Keep Your Employees Safe

The safety of your employees is paramount. If you have a fire alarm system set in place, they’ll receive enough advanced notice to get out of the building safely and soundly. This is particularly true if your building is fairly large and the exits take some time to get to.

2) You Could Save Money on Your Building Insurance

Did you know that with a good fire alarm system, you could receive a discount on your building insurance? The insurance companies like it when you have things in place that can save them money, so they pass some of that onto you in the form of a discount.

Why? Because with early detection, less of your business will be damaged, and that’s less money that they have to pay to get you back up and running again. They like to save money – and so do you, right?

3) Your Business Is Your Livelihood

It practically goes without saying that your business is your livelihood. The sooner the fire department is notified, the faster they can get there – and gets busy saving your company. If they get there fast enough, your business might not be damaged at all. You’d be surprised at how minimal it could be, based on the timing.

4) You Might Be Able to Save Most of Your Building

In general, early detection is the main key to saving most of your building. The sooner that the fire department is alerted, the sooner they can get out there and get their fire suppression systems going. This means that the likelihood that entire parts of your building will be saved is very good.

In fact, they might even be able to minimize the fire damage to a very small section of the office or warehouse space. In general, you need to have one of these systems because you shouldn’t risk it. The odds are in your favor when you have one installed.

5) Experts Will Install It for You

Speaking of installation, if you decide to have a fire alarm system put in your building, it will be installed by professionals. This saves you plenty of time, and you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Many people can handle small tasks, such as putting in smoke detectors and things like that, but it’s a bit trickier when you have all of the components that go into these professional fire alarm systems. You can’t do itself, nor should you try. Since installation is typically a part of the overall cost, the company will send someone out to handle that part of it for you.

6) You Could Receive More Than Just Fire Alerts

Some of the more sophisticated fire alarm systems come with plenty of other monitoring devices. These include cameras and microphones that allow you to keep an eye on your employees. If you’re worried about employee disputes, theft, or numerous other things – such as one employee clocking in for another one – then this is a good way to see what’s going on.

7) You Won’t Have to Call the Fire Department Yourself

If a fire should break out in your business, you may not have time to grab your phone as you run out the door. This makes it tough for you to call the fire department yourself.

Most of these fire alarm systems come with a professional monitoring team that alert the proper authorities for you. You’ll have time to possibly grab those important files or flash drives and head out since you no longer have to call the fire department. This makes things easier on you.

8) You’ll Save More Money than You Spend on the System

Yes, fire alarm systems can be expensive. However, they do more than pay for themselves over time. Think of how much money you’ll save with an early alert system. If the fire department can get out and on the scene quickly, your building may not go up in flames.

Some of it might be saved. In addition, you’ll save on your insurance costs and numerous other things that make the overall initial cost more than worthwhile. You need to keep this in mind when you’re shopping around for the best fire alarm system for your company.


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