Smartest Deals for Cleaning the Carpets in the Proper Manner

You have decided that you want to have your carpet cleaned. How do you tackle this properly without ending in a drama? There are many different providers, many differences in prices and many differences in quality. In addition, there are also “companies” active that only want money and extortionate prices without wanting to do anything for it. All in all quite a job to find out where you can have your precious carpet cleaned.

In this post we will answer this question as well as possible, so that you know exactly what is important when selecting a reliable company for cleaning your carpet or rug. Visit for more on this.

How is my rug cleaned?

Ask the question and see how they respond. If they tell a standard cleaning procedure without asking what kind of carpet it is, there is a good chance that the characteristics of a carpet will not be considered, and all carpets will be cleaned in the same way. For some rugs this may be good, but for other rugs this may not be the most optimal method or may even cause damage.

You should look for a company that looks at each carpet separately and adjusts the cleaning method to the characteristics and condition of the carpet. A weak antique floor rug, for example, should not simply be placed in a beating machine, as this could damage the rug.

A wool rug will need to be cleaned with a ph-neutral product, so that the wool fiber is not affected and the properties of the wool are preserved. If you don’t do this, the rug may look clean, but it will lose its body and it will get dirty again soon. If you need to know how to remove rust stains from carpets these informations are important.

Request a clear price quote including collection and delivery

Some companies first try to attract you cheaply and once they have the rug in their company everything suddenly turns out to be a lot more expensive. Preferably provide a written quote that states exactly where you stand. Honest companies are happy to give this, unfair companies like to keep it vague so that they can raise the price later. Often you can get a price if you indicate what the dimensions of the carpet are and what kind of carpet it is. If the carpet needs to be picked up and delivered, pay attention to whether this is included in the quotation.

Never have your carpet cleaned at home

Good companies will never clean a rug at your home. This can entail all kinds of risks for your carpet and the floor on which it is lying. If too much water is used, it is certainly possible that drying takes too long, resulting in molds. In addition, most dirt will remain in the rug because it cannot be beaten and cannot be washed thoroughly. Professional companies always clean carpets in a professional carpet laundry.

Does the company have sufficient experience and knowledge

Proper cleaning of carpets is a job in itself. Someone who has just started may have knowledge but not yet experience. Do you want him to try it on your rug? No of course not. You want a company like  with knowledge and experience. Ask how long the company has been in existence and whether they are also training. We would prefer to have my carpet cleaned by a company with at least 5 years of experience. And I think you can find the best carpet cleaning in Tustin at a reasonable price.

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