5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Tidy

Does your office look messy and unkempt? Wondering what you can you do about this? This article outlines five top tips for keeping your office tidy, including hiring a company for duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Want to know more? Keep reading for additional helpful tips. 

H2: Keep Your Reception Area Immaculate

When your clients walk in your door, the first thing they’re going to see is your reception area. It is vital that you keep your reception area immaculate. This means it should be clutter-free, dusted and pleasant smelling. Invest in some air spray or light a scented candle to keep the air smelling nice. Similarly, potted plants can help boost the air quality of a room and also lend an appealing bit of greenery to your front desk. Make sure you keep your plants watered though, as a dying plant will send the wrong message to clients. Ensure that any receptionist you hire has a professional and neat appearance, as the cleanest desk will not compete with a messy looking receptionist. When your reception area is clean and tidy, you will give the best first impressions to your clients. 

H2: Don’t Let Employees Eat at Their Desks

When employees are in the middle of their work and they’re pushed for time, they may try to eat their lunch at their desks, but this allows sometimes unpleasant food smells to permeate around the office. You then have to use air freshener to try to cover up the smell, but it’s much easier to simply avoid the spread of food smells in the first place. Restrict food preparation and eating to the office kitchen area to ensure food smells will stay in the one place and not extend to other areas of the office. 

H2: Provide Storage for Employees

You might despair at the messiness of some of your employees’ desks, but this might be your fault for not providing adequate storage for your employees’ belongings. Papers, pens, lunch boxes, mugs, and other personal supplies can all be kept nicely out of sight if you provide a chest of drawers for each employee. They can then get rid of some of the clutter from their desks. This is an easy trick for improving the aesthetics of employee workstations. 

H2: Declutter and Archive

If you’re still using paper files in today’s digital world, you’re officially behind the times. Try scanning in any paper files and keep them well organised on a hard drive, with a back-up on a cloud service. That should remove a lot of excess paperwork from your desk’s surface. Archive things that you’re keeping ‘just in case’. When you digitalise your files, you’ll feel less stressed, as there won’t be paper flying everywhere. You’ll also know exactly where to find what you need, when you need it. 

H2: Get Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Duct cleaning services in Melbourne are essential for maintaining a clean and tidy office. That’s because your ducts get dirtier with every passing year as they accumulate dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens, as well as viruses, bacteria, mould, and even insects. It’s a disgusting combination of contaminants that can even make you and your employees sick through low air quality. The best thing to do is to hire a company offering duct cleaning services in Melbourne. With duct cleaning, you will also find that your heating and cooling bills are lower as your ducted heating and cooling system is able to work more efficiently. 

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