5 Step Guide to Help You Choose the Best Art for Your Office

One of the useful tools used by organizations to motivate employees is wall art. It has also been found effective in impressing potential clients when they come in for the first time. However, artworks can also be idly used to fill white walls. Choosing the right art for your office requires a lot of considerations. Some of the most important ones include:

#1: Consider your brand

Your art work must clearly depict the service you render or what you sell. It must vividly point at the values and culture of your organization. Don’t just make it a pointless decoration. A good way to go about this is to utilize your brand color or commission artwork because they easily stick to your clients’ memory. Using just a corporate décor may not actually drive home your organizational values and character. Some financial companies that are popularly known as conservative make use of poppy or crazy artworks which clearly depicts their culture and brand.

#2: First impression

Your artwork must leave a message on the mind of clients when they come to do business with your organization the first time. You can explain the story behind acquiring your artworks as a way to start a business meeting. You will notice Local artists on the face of LinkedIn. Yes, it actually used the face of local artist in its office to talk more about its culture and values. So, you can actually consider the cities you have offices in and use Laura Jordan’s detailed cityscapes to create an artwork for your organization.

#3: Consider your budget

You don’t have to break the bank to purchase artworks simply because you want to impress your clients. Just make sure you have the most visible areas covered. You can place the expensive artworks in your lobby and meeting room because these are the most active sections of an organization. If you can’t afford expensive artworks, you can actually rent at a good rate. Some good quality art works can be rented for £800 per month but in some cases, it can be higher.

#4: Consider your employees

Studies have shown that when employees are involved in artwork selection for an organization, it boosts their productivity. Some employees may just be turned off by a particular artwork especially when it’s positioned conspicuously around their work space. Let employees chose artworks for their workspace but ensure it fits into the corporate décor and identity.

Artworks are very important tools in an organization. They are usually a mouthpiece of your organizational values and culture and they can help boost productivity in the lives of your employee. Take your time and choose artworks wisely from respectable galleries like Galerie Leroyer. Your company will forever thank you for the decision.

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