5 Reasons to Install High Tech Ducted Vacuum in Your New Home

There is a huge difference between ducted vacuum systems and standard systems. Normal standard systems require power motors attached to them while ducted vacuum systems don’t. On the other hand, in ducted vacuum systems, there are different parts that are placed at different locations and are interconnected through PVC pipes. The power unit is usually located in the garage or basement which is responsible for housing the motor and doubles as a container for dust collection. Inlet can be installed at different indoor locations. There are many reasons why people prefer ducted vacuum over standard vacuum systems. If you were also surfing the internet with curiosity, then luckily you have landed on the right page. This article will guide you through five reasons to install high tech ducted vacuum in your new home.

Stress-Free Cleaning

It is of no surprise that one of the main reasons why people prefer ducted vacuum over the standard system is because of stress-free cleaning. You don’t have to handle any weight while cleaning. The inlet valves are installed at your desired positions which make the cleaning much easier and stress-free. Moreover, there are no bundles of tangled cables behind your back which may cause a risk of tripping. Besides this, the vacuum hoses are way too light and you only need to attach the required hose and you are good to go. One can easily empty garbage containers with their ease twice or even thrice a year.

High-Quality Indoor Air

As discussed earlier, ducted vacuum systems have powerful motors. Due to powerful motors, they provide you deep and complete cleaning in no time. Moreover, the recirculation of pollution air is prevented and air contaminants are removed completely. Due to this reason, you only respire clean and good quality air which is free of all pollutants. This feature is great for those people who mainly suffer from allergies.

Noiseless Cleaning

While working, the last thing that you would want is a disturbance. With the ducted vacuum, this problem is also resolved. The cleaning apparatus is way too far from the motor. Therefore, the sound generated can’t be heard loudly which in the end results in noiseless cleaning. The only sound that you hear is the sound of air suction and you don’t have any fear of disturbance to neighbors while you are cleaning.


Heavy vacuum cleaning systems can increase the chances of tripping while cleaning through the rooms. Moreover, with the use of maneuvering heavy machines, there is also a chance of damage to floors, furniture, and walls. All the possible damage can be prevented with the installation of ducted vacuum systems.


Many people believe that ducted vacuum systems are way too expensive when compared to standard systems. Though it is true many don’t realize the fact that it is way more durable and lasts longer as compared to standard systems. It is a valuable long-term investment that a person doesn’t hesitate to make.

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