Upscale Texas Living; Affluent Texas Neighbourhoods

Apart from its cowboy heritage, Texas is a vibrant state, with a large economy fuelled by its enterprising farmers, oil production, information technology and medical research, being home to the world’s largest medical facility, the Texas Medical Center. With many resources at its disposal and a large number of wealthy individuals, the state has given birth to some of the most affluent neighborhoods of the USA. If you are looking for luxurious living in Texas, consider these neighborhoods for a taste of the good life.

Highland Park

Overlooking downtown Dallas is the affluent town of Highland Park, which takes 7th place for America’s richest area. Summertime is a community affair, with various facilities offering summer fun activities for youngsters, making Highland Park the perfect neighborhood for families with kids. Public transportation is a breeze, with a dedicated DART bus service along route 36 that serves the area. Some of Highland Park’s gems include the pristine Rosewood beach, every swimmer’s paradise. Highland Park’s notable schools include the North Dallas High School and the Armstrong Elementary School. Highland Park Village is the town’s shopping center, where fine dining and luxurious stores intertwine to give the perfect shopping experience.


Cypress has largely been a suburban community, but luxurious living is without a doubt taking shape in the area.  Copper Bend in Cypress, TX is a premier, family-friendly community featuring a lake, playground, two parks and a community pool. The developer gives residents the freedom to choose from the award-winning floor plans of Perry Homes and Newmark Homes, guaranteeing the ultimate living space for the modern family’s needs. There are adequate learning facilities, including a library, for all levels to serve the area. The community is moments away from Vintage Park for excellent dining facilities, designer stores and a host of entertainment spots to keep you looking forward to fun-filled weekends. You can dance away at Mo’s Irish Pub, a reputable watering hole serving 36 brews and hosting lively bands. 

Fair Oaks Ranch

Fair Oaks Ranch is one of Texas’ most respected suburbs, fusing rustic and luxurious styles to offer versatility in living spaces. The ranch features diverse styles, from elegant farmhouse mansions on massive acreages to smaller properties. Besides, the development has provisional lots for residents to have their dream homes built to custom specifications. Amenities include 18 hole golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, nature trails and picturesque sites of rural landscapes. The suburb’s defiant rustic appeal contrasts urban areas just minutes away like San Antonio and Boerne, which serve Fair Oaks Ranch residents’ shopping and entertainment needs. Residents also benefit from Boerne’s high ranking schools, making Fair Oaks Ranch an ideal place to raise a family.

Making the move to Texas provides dozens of opportunities and other amazing benefits. The state of Texas is a great haven for families and individuals alike, for perks like quality educational facilities, family-friendly suburbs, low-cost living and no State income tax. Additionally, affordable homes and a booming economy guarantee employment opportunities for its ever-rising population. Besides, its warm weather attracts equally warm people from all walks of life 


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