5 Reasons to Install Evaporative Cooling in Your Home

Trying to decide between different cooling systems for your home? This article outlines five essential reasons why you should install evaporative cooling in Melbourne

More Efficient Than Other Options 

In Australia, it can seem like energy costs just keep on soaring, so it’s important to choose an efficient unit for cooling. Evaporative cooling is one of the best options, as it provides the best value when it comes to cooling your home. There is much talk about the comparative benefits of evaporative cooling in Melbourne vs. refrigerated air conditioning, but evaporative cooling is far in the lead when it comes to efficiency, above just about every other kind of cooling out there. Just take a look at ducted reverse cycling air conditioning as an example. It’s a popular option for home cooling, but it’s also an expensive option, costing between $2-$4 dollars to run per hour. While 49% of Australian households have opted for reverse cycling, you can take the smart option and save up to 90you’re your energy bills by choosing evaporative cooling over reverse cycling. 

Establishes Better Air Quality

While some air conditioners are effective, they also necessitate closing all windows and doors to keep the cool air in, which can lead to stale air being recirculated for long periods of time. Better air quality is a desirable benefit of evaporative cooling in Melbourne, with completely fresh cycles of air entering the room every 2 minutes. The cooling pads in your evaporative cooling unit not only lower the temperature of the air, but also purify it, getting rid of pollutants such as pollen. This is a big advantage for people who suffer with allergies. 

Better for the Environment

Evaporative cooling in Melbourne is entirely based on a natural method for cooling air, employing simply water. This is in grave contrast to refrigerated cooling, which uses chemicals that can have a detrimental effect on the environment. For example, they may contain hydro fluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons that diminish the ozone layer. Evaporative cooling harbours no such nasties for r the environment. Similarly, because the air used in evaporative cooling is not recirculated, you can rely on having 100% fresh air all summer long. As a bonus, the fresh air means your eyes and throat won’t dry out or cause you issues due to a lack of new air in your environment. 

Easy Maintenance 

You don’t have to do much at all to keep your evaporative cooler functioning on all cylinders. Just call a qualified technician at regular intervals so they can make sure your unit is running at the highest efficiency level to ensure low utility costs. No matter where you are in Australia, there are dealers and service agents who will be happy to help you get your evaporative cooling unit serviced.

Low Water Usage

Evaporative coolers in Melbourne only need a very small quantity of water. You don’t have to worry about the environmental impacts of using lots of water for air conditioning when you opt for evaporative cooling. 

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