Essential Lawn Fertilisation with Landscaping Services: Perth Expert Advice

When they think about landscaping services in Perth, residents may imagine general yard work, trimming, weeding and perhaps mowing the lawn. In fact, a professional local landscaping company will be able to offer other services to keep your garden in the best possible shape. One vital service provided by Luke’s Landscaping is essential lawn fertilisation to keep your lawn fed and happy throughout the year. Let’s take a closer look at why lawn fertilisation is essential if you want to have a lush lawn.

6 Lawn Fertilisation Benefits

When you fertilise your lawn once or twice per year, there are six major benefits for your lawn.

  • The grass will be far healthier.
  • The roots will be stronger.
  • The surrounding soil will be healthy.
  • The grass will have fewer weeds.
  • The lawn will be lush and greener
  • The property value will be enhanced.

How Long Does it Take?

Any good company that offers landscaping services should be able to fertilise an average sized lawn in under ten minutes. This will take significantly longer if you attempt this yourself, but the results are definitely worth the effort. Given the benefits, it may surprise you to know that less than 1 in 4 homeowners in Perth feed their lawns on a regular basis.

Getting Than Lush Green Lawn

Many people will have driven around Perth and seen some of the amazing lawns on display. Some of these lawns seem like an unattainable dream; how do the people in those homes have these lush green lawns? It may seem like this is a money related issue, but it’s more likely that these particular homeowners have invested in some fertilisation for their lawns.

Regular efficient water with a good irrigation system is vital to keep your lawn healthy and alive. But, when used in isolation irrigation will only give you the very basic type of lawn that most people are used to. If you want to take your lawn care to the next level and achieve those amazing results for your home fertilisation is the key.

Putting Your Lawn on the Right Diet

Any lawn grass needs to be fed a balanced diet to get the best possible results. There are three main benefits that you will quickly notice when your lawn is fed the correct balanced diet.

  • The lawn will recover from and repair physical damage far faster than an unfed lawn.
  • The structural strength of the grass will be improved, and this will make the lawn far more resistant to attacks from weeds and pests.
  • This additional strength will stretch from the grass leaf tips right down to the deepest roots of each blade of grass.

When each blade of grass is healthier and stronger, you will notice that the growth is far thicker and lush. The roots and the soil that they sit in will be far better shielded from extreme environmental conditions because the additional density of the lawn will act as a layer of insulation.

If they are looking for the best landscapers in Perth, residents should contact Luke’s Landscaping for expert help and advice.