4 Reasons for Airflow Problems With Your Furnace and How to Fix Them

There are a lot of possible reasons for airflow problems in your home’s HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. 

Luckily for you, this article spots them and recommends ways to fix them.

When you have airflow problems with your furnace, you’d start to receive certain notable signs, which means that your airflow system has a problem.

And we all know how disheartening and uncomfortable the situation can be when there are certain airflow problems in your airflow system.

It is common for you to discover a couple of hot and cold spots throughout your home. 

Consequently, you’ll find out that your vents would hardly provide very little airflow or you could even get no air.

The inconvenience doesn’t stop there as the result is an imbalance in the airflow system will cause strange noises in the system or produce stale air.

If you fall into this category, I want you to be glad to know that it can be fixed. Continue reading and see how these airflow problems come about and how they can be fixed.

4 Reasons for Furnace Airflow Problems and How to Fix Them

Now for the part, you’ve been anticipating. This section identifies the top of the 4 reasons for airflow problems and possible ways to solve them. Happy reading.

1. The Filter Is Dirty

When you have airflow problems with your furnace, the first logical conclusion that you’d think of is that the filter is compromised, right? Exactly!

When you have a dirty filter, your furnace wouldn’t function at its optimal level anymore. And the dirty filter would eventually result in a gradual loss of adequate airflow in your house.

Sadly, as the air filter fills up with dirt and dust, it can begin to restrict the flow of air.

Another frightful thing that can happen to the airflow in your home’s furnace is that when the filter is dirty, it makes it difficult to get oxygen. Consequently, when the furnace isn’t provided with adequate oxygen, it can cause it to overheat.

If you experience this, ensure that you regularly clean the filter and take on preventive ways to ensure that your filter never gets dirty.

2. Your Ducts Are Damaged

It is through the ducts that you have airflow in your home and when your ducts get damaged, it would compromise the optimal performance that it ought to produce. 

Most ducts you’ll find in the market are quite durable but you don’t expect them to last forever. 

So when they get damaged, you’d notice that the hot air wouldn’t pass through into the room because of the obstruction caused.

The best remedy is to buy a new one.

3. Improperly Sized Vents

When you hire a quack HVAC contractor, you might eventually discover that they didn’t properly size the vents. This can be disheartening, I know. That’s more reason to hire a professional.

When your vents are improperly sized, of course, you should be expecting issues with your furnace.

4. Broken Blower

Finally, when you have a broken blower that provides the air that comes through the vent into the room, then there’s a problem. The blower motor needs care. 

More so, with a broken blower a few airflow issues will arise such as overheating or burning of the fan itself.

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