Pros and Cons of Owning a Second Home in Maryland

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Since you’re reading these words, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about buying a second home in Maryland. Also, you might be wondering if that’s the thing you should be doing right now? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to search for answers. In the article below, we’ll show you all the pros and cons of owning a second home in Maryland. Before you delve deeper into the process, it’s important you equip yourself with the right info, so stay tuned!

Pro: You can rent it to other people

This one’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when buying a second home you won’t be spending that much time in. An advantage of owning a second house lies in the fact you can rent it out to other people as a neat vacation home. If the home you’re planning to buy is in an area that is well-known to attract renters, you’re in for a treat, since rent money can help subside mortgage payments, or even more, if you can rent it for longer periods, or on a consistent basis. Also, the rental income can cover the costs of depreciation on the house itself during the course of your ownership.

A pier in Ocean City, Maryland.

If your second home is in a tourist-friendly location, you’ll earn some good money by renting it to other folks as a vacation property.

Alt. text: The pier in Ocean City, Maryland.

Pro: Do you like tax benefits?

According to real estate experts, owning a second home in Maryland can provide you with certain tax benefits you haven’t been aware of in the past. For example, if the purchase of your second home gets you over the $1 million debt threshold, there’s a chance you might be able to dismiss all of your interest on your loan payments. Also, if you plan to generate rent revenue via your second home, you’ll also be able to dismiss a portion of all rental-related costs come when tax season comes.

Pro: Quality movers in the area

Whether you plan to use your second home as a rental property or not – it’s very important you make it comfortable for both your family and potential future tenants. That’s why you’ll probably need to move some of the belongings from your old home to the new one. The thing is: Maryland is quite known for its moving crews. If you’re a Maryland native in need of a solid pair of helping hands, experts from your area can do it. This isn’t just local patriotism or something, just ask anyone who’s a tiny bit into real estate. Also, going DIY certainly ain’t no recommendation. There’s just too much risk involved with it, especially if you’re moving expensive stuff.

A member of a moving crew handling a chair and some flowers.

Maryland movers are among the best ones you’ll find on the East Coast, real estate experts note.

Alt. text: A member of a moving crew handling a chair and some flowers.

Pro: Home appreciation

Consider the purchase of your second home in Maryland as a real estate investment opportunity. Right now, the prices are at a low point when compared to the prices that experts predict will appear on the 2023 market. Also, there’s a good chance they’ll only be going up. During the last couple of years, Maryland real estate prices were hitting all-time lows. And it’s not hard to guess what comes after these droppings. That’s right, the curve will once again stream towards the sky! A home isn’t like a car or any other commodity that loses value over time. Quite the contrary!

Con: Finding tentants/renters

Okay, so let’s see where things can go a little wrong. As we’ve said, you need the right info. That includes some skepticism. Ensure you’re ready to make mortgage payments even without the rent money coming in each month. Finding tenants can be pretty tough sometimes, it’s not like you’re going to rent the place as soon as you put it out on the market. The whole process can last for quite some time. The more the house sits empty, the more profit you lose. 

Con: What about buyers?

Oh, yeah. Buyers, too, can be hard to find. Of course, it depends a little on your salesman skills, the state of your home, its curb appeal, etc. Anyway, even if your home appreciates in value, it doesn’t mean a thing to you if you can’t sell it. It may take months, even half a year until you cross paths with the right buyer(s). That’s the info we got from the folks at, and you can be sure they’re not telling lies or something. Buyers are a tough crowd, they add, you can put a perfect home on the market and still wait too long for it to attract the right kind of attention. 

A house with a blue roof.

Even a home that’s basically near-perfect can sit on the market for a few months.

Alt. text: A house with a blue roof.

Con: Finance issues

Buying a second home can turn out to be a financial disaster. Now, we don’t want to get pessimistic or anything, it’s just that people should really think about their financial capabilities before closing in on a deal. Also, picking out the right is crucial. Luckily, that moment is right now when we’re talking about Maryland. Lastly, you’ll need to evaluate the most important elements of your financial situation. We’re talking high-interest debt, your children’s college fund, your retirement fund, etc. 

Con(?): Maintenance costs

In order to ensure your home retains its value, you’ll need to update it every once in a while. In other words: you’ll need to cough up some bucks for repairs. Of course, it’s not like you didn’t know this one before reading this text and it mightn’t be a con at all. So, yeah, that’s something most folks count on. 

Final words

That’s about it for the pros and cons of owning a second home in Maryland. Some of these facts you might’ve known already, some of it you’ve seen for the first time. All in all: even though there was an equal number of pros and cons, we’d like to emphasize the pros. The timing’s right, and your second Maryland home, or your second home in Maryland await your decision! 

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