4 Ideas on How to Organise a Dining Room

With 1825 Interiors, creating a functional, livable, tidy dining room is as easy as it is important. Not only can you save space in your home, but organising is a breeze with purpose made spaces for your belongings. Follow these four simple guidelines for a clean dining room.

  1. Don’t Put It Down, Put It Away

Whether you have a large family, or live alone, the dining room can become home to more than just food and entertaining.

Compartmentalise your belongings by creating nooks, baskets, or shelves for different categories of items. Purchase hooks for coats, and shelves for mail, for easy access at the end of the day.

Use baskets for any technology related items that are too important to throw away, yet too unsightly to leave about. When choosing from 1825 Interiors’ Stonemill furniture collection, complete your design with the Baya Bread Basket in White ($39.00) to store keys for ease of access when leaving for work.

If floor space is no issue, 1825 Interiors’ offers a range of suitable buffets and sideboards with a combination of drawers and shelves such as the Stonemill Buffet with Wheels ($865.00). Hide unsightly belongings within the drawers and use drawer dividers to maximise space.

Decorate the top of buffets with decor important to the ambience of the room; however, do not decorate these spaces with crockery used for entertaining, as it will diminish the ornamental value at your next gathering.

  1. Clear Up

After a long day at work, cleaning is the last point on your mind. After a meal excess dishes, glasses, and napkins can litter your table and create a larger mess to deal with later. Generate routine by putting away dishes immediately after meals. Create excitement with any wayward children by making a chore (for pocket-money) out of the task and watch as they hurry to help. Create accountability by ensuring that everyone put away their own belongings every night.

Reduce any future cleaning by eliminating décor that catches dust. Swap out artificial for fresh flowers and use a table runner for eye-catching design that is easy to maintain. Pull in colours from surrounding rooms to create a consistent and elegant design, tricking the eye into organisation.

As the dining room is often the centre of living areas and family life, any clutter will only hinder function.

  1. So Long, Clutter

Unless items are important, used everyday, or hold sentimental value, let go of them. Homework, mail, laundry, magazines, and coffee cups can all interfere with the purpose of your room. Keep in mind that recycling is always an important option.

Ensure your table is never far from a rubbish bin, recycling bin, buffet, or shelf. Placing all of these within a few steps of your table will create incentive and limit the effort to throw or store them away.

Even expensive items no longer in use can be thrown out or donated. Holding on to these items can create more clutter than they’re often worth.

  1. Store It with Storage

Space is a luxury not all of us can afford. The most important items are often the largest and hardest to organise. Change one of these factors by swapping out your old, individual chairs with benches.

1825 Interiors’ Stonemill Bench ($199.00) constructs a comfortable, farmhouse design, and allows you to easily slide the seats underneath your table—a handy storage solution for studio apartments should your space double as an office or breakfast nook.

Only keep furniture essential for daily and weekly use within reach. Holiday decorations used annually should be stored in ulterior rooms.

Use any and all available wall space when living in close quarters. Storage options for walls can be made or purchased from a variety of retailers. Ensure your purchase is necessary to what you are storing—no need to bring unnecessary items into your home. Check with retailers if storage options are available to be wall mounted, ensuring precious floor space is left available.

Organising your dining room takes more than a day. Allow yourself time to live in the room before settling on placement—life may interfere with the best-laid furniture.

Allow each meal to be a celebration with an organised dining room. Allow space for everything and everyone with these solutions.


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