How to Make a Simple Artificial Flower Arrangement

 Arranging artificial flowers in perfect formations is a tricky task – it can be difficult to know where to start! Follow our expert guide on how to create beautiful formations for your artificial flowers in a quick and easy fashion:

To begin, gather the supplies that you’ll need to create your arrangement. We recommend:

2 + bunches of artificial flowers – This can vary depending on the size of arrangement that you want, and of course you are welcome to choose two of the same or alternately get creative with different types of flowers.

6-10 single artificial flowers or sticks – These are going to add volume and texture to your arrangement. Opt for twigs or sticks for a more autumnal feel and small, colourful flowers for the warmer months.

Spanish Moss – This is going to cover the base of your arrangement, hiding that they are artificial.

A block of green foam – You can pierce the stem of your flowers into this, making them fall as real flowers naturally would in water.

A knife – This will be used to cut the foam to size

Wire Cutters – For trimming the height of your artificial flowers

A vase – Steer clear of translucent or clear glass vases as these will expose the foam, instead opt for a gorgeous ceramic, acrylic or opaque glass.

Once you have your items ready to go, it’s time to begin!

First, trim your green foam block down to size, so it can fit into your vase comfortably. Once it’s sitting at the right height, you can trim your stems so as they are all slightly different lengths – this will make them look more realistic.

Place the largest flowers first, being sure that they are evenly distributed. Next you can add the smaller stems, flowers or sticks. You can keep these slightly longer in length if you like your flowers to drop around the edges. Now that these have been added, place sprigs of the Spanish moss to fill any gaps. Cut some of the moss short and place around the nose of the vase to ensure that the green foam is well concealed.

All that’s left to do is to give the flowers a little bit of love and attention! Spend some time fluffing the arrangement, adjusting to be sure that the scene looks beautiful from all angles.

Now that you’re fully versed on how to create professional flower formations – it’s time to choose your perfect artificial flowers! Explore online and in store to discover the amazing array of options for beautiful, realistic looking faux flowers.

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