2 leading trends in interior design

The well-composed interior design will defend itself years after it was implemented. However, it’s always worth to have the newest tendencies in mind and modify your interiors according to them. What are the hottest trends right now?

Let’s say it loud – we all are tired of the Scandinavian style. Its expansion in recent years has caused the fact that it is hard to find affordable furniture which doesn’t belong to this aesthetics. However, it is possible – if you don’t have patience or time to search for it, consider hiring professionals from renowned design companies such as Ignas London

 Getting a unique interior design, which is a blend of different styles, an eclectic harmony, can be a source of endless satisfaction. Especially if you spend a lot of time indoors and the balance of the house’s interiors can influence your well-being. There are two especially interesting trends in 2019 when it comes to interior design. Chose your favorite with Ignas London.


 That had to be the king of the year, during which we started awakening in terms of climate change. Ecology is in fashion now – and so is the natural interior design. What does it mean? Besides the colors of the earth – brownish, greenish, grey, beige and clay – and the wooden motives, it also involves innovative solutions. One of them is the usage of new construction materials based on rarely used natural resources. Bricks from algae or sugar cane, plant structures, alive walls” made with green plants and moss are only a few of them. This year’s hit is wearing the Pinatex biodegradable shoes – why wouldn’t we make our houses natural ass well?

Green and pink

Sound awful, doesn’t it? At first, when we hear about this combination, we mostly get the image of a lime color mixed with fuschia – something that wouldn’t even fit the child’s room. However,  the blend of pink and green is this year’s number one and it will continue to lead next year. The secret lies in the shades. The combination beloved by the designers is a very pale, salmon, or millennial pink combined with the dim green color – olive, greyish, cold green, or its dark shades. The mix is unbelievably smart and striking and gives the room a bohemian hint. It looks especially good in combination with the golden elements, as well as marble and dark wood.

If you cannot decide, which style will be the best for your interiors, contact the professionalists from Ignas London. Knowing the latest trends by heart, experienced interior designers will apply them to your house, keeping in mind its spacial layout and other factors.


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