Selecting the Perfect Style, Size, And Shape of Your Kitchen Sink

Choosing the sink for your kitchen is arguably one of the most essential remodeling decisions every homeowner and interior designer has had to make. The sink is an integral part of every kitchen, and it determines the theme and efficiency of the workspace to a significant degree.

The task is not an easy one. With more than 10 different types of kitchen sinks to consider, people are often confused as to which one is the best for their home. When choosing a kitchen sink, one needs to consider a lot more than just their workspace. Homeowners have to think about their interior décor theme, kitchen décor theme, available space, desired features, budget, and maintenance.

Considering all features, pros, and cons of modern kitchen sinks, interior décor experts of the 21st century often agree that undermount sinks with a single bowl are the best for modern homes and smaller apartments. These are sinks that often come with a single, deep basin where the user can easily soak their pots and pans. There is a central garbage disposal in the one-sink system. 

How many sinks should your kitchen have?

It might sound bizarre to some, but homeowners often ask experts, “how many sinks should a kitchen have?” The answer seems obvious to many – “ONE.” However, the calculation is not that simple. While maintaining a single large basin is the easiest to use and maintain, it is not the only option. Homeowners often look at two basin systems of different sizes, a two-basin system of identical size, and a three basin system.

While most of us are familiar with a double basin system, a three basin system is something new for most. It is ideal for those who like to keep their cleaning and scrubbing away from the garbage disposal. Nonetheless, using a three sink model is not easy to use. Some brands offer central garbage disposal flanked by two deeper basins. The user cannot sweep off the scraps and peels directly into the disposal basin. It depends on manual dexterity and demands more maintenance than the old-school single basin kitchen sink.

What type of installation is ideal for your sink?

A single bowl undermount sink is the best in terms of looks and maintenance. Typically a good wash-down with the water spout and a thorough rub with a clean cotton towel is enough to keep them shining for a long time. Check out Kraus kitchen undermount kitchen sinks in stainless steel to learn which ones are the easiest to maintain. Interestingly, even after you decide to go with a single bowl undermount sink, your job is far from complete. Next, you need to choose the material, size, and shape.

Which material should you pick for your undermount sink?

The choice of material can be easy for any homeowner who has used the kitchen extensively before. 16 gauge stainless steel is the obvious best choice in terms of durability. If you are concerned about the noise, look for a stainless steel single basin sink with noise insulation at the bottom. A 16 gauge sink is going to be heavy irrespective of its size. So ensure that your undermount sink comes with proper mounting hooks and clamps before you bring it home. You might need more help than the occasional DIY YouTube video, so consider the cost of professional installation while calculating your remodeling expenses.

What size is ideal for a stainless steel kitchen sink?

Next, you need to pick the right size of sink for your kitchen. Almost all remodeling experts will tell you that the size of the sink a personal preference, but we beg to differ. Apart from choice, the bulk of pots and pans, countertop space and the total kitchen space will dictate the perfect size of your kitchen sink. The standard size of a single bowl sink in the US varies between 28 inches and 30 inches.

While this size is perfect for a small modern apartment, it might not be big enough to support the cleaning and washing of dirty dishes, pots, and pans in a family of five. If you have a big family, or you love to entertain guests frequently, you might want to consider a larger sink size of around 32 inches to 34 inches. The extra two-inches can save your life after a thanksgiving dinner or Christmas party!

The easiest way to determine the perfect size of a kitchen sink a family needs is by measuring the largest pot, pan or baking tray the family owns. Any bowl large and deep enough to accommodate your lobster pot or baking tray is good enough for daily use. An oversized sink has never hurt anyone other than counter space. So, if you can fit it in your budget, get a larger than standard stainless steel sink for your family kitchen.

What shape should you consider for your single basin undermount sink?

Now, it is time to consider what shape of sink you need. The most popular shape among the buyers of stainless steel sinks is the traditional farmhouse sink. It is a simple, single large basin with a deep bowl. It is not just the easiest to use, but also the quickest to clean after use. Modern sink designs also offer sinks with rounded edges. According to homeowners, the curved sides provide better cleaning opportunities and prevent grit built-up, which is typical for multi-basin systems with sharp corners.

Rounded edges allow the users to clean the grime and dirt with the spot or sprayer directly. If there is any kind of build-up, the users can apply cleaning solutions directly to the specific area, wash it with hot water and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. 

Which kitchen sink style, size, and shape is the best for every home?

According to the market consensus, large, single bowl stainless steel kitchen sinks with rounded edges is the current favorite of every homeowner, as long as the sink is undermount and has a built-in garbage disposal option. The presence of supporting tech and appliances like automated dishwashers have definitely made a choice much more straightforward for most apartment and homeowners in the 21st century. 

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