10 Tips for Cleaning your Home after Water Damage

If you had water flowing in your home, you would want to clean to up and restore the beauty of your home. Water can leave much damage that you will need to fix. The following are tips on how you can clean up your home after water damage:


  1. Drain all the stagnant water.

During water damage, it may leave your house soaked in water. Draining is the first thing you will do to ensure that is all drained out.

  1. Dry out the surfaces.

After draining water, the house still remains wet. To ensure that your house is dried from the effect of water, dry it.

  1. Brush off mold and mildew.

The presence of water usually leads to a growth of mold on the wet areas. After the water damage, cleaning off molds should be part of the general cleaning.

  1. Dispose of damaged items.

Clean up your home by getting rid of any scrape. It there are items that you replaced with new ones, you can clean them up. This will ensure that you are not stuffing up your house with things that you do not need.

  1. Removed soaked items.

If during the water damage some items were soaked in water, it is time you removed them. You can take them outside so that they can air and dry.

  1. Repair and paint the walls.

Water may damage the wall on your house. It could be pipe leakage or floods. After water damage, you can consider repairing your wall and painting it so as to regain its beautiful look

  1. Prevent molds from growing.

After water damage, the surfaces are usually damp. The possibility of molds growing in such areas is very high. Consider using a product for controlling molds to ensure that they don’t grow in those areas.

  1. Install floor pans.

At times is very difficult to detect leakages. You will end up noticing the presence of leakages in your house at an advanced stage. To avoid such leakages, you can consider putting floor pans. They will prevent undetected leakages from destroying the surfaces in your house.

  1. Disinfect your home.

During water damage bacteria usually grow. Disinfecting the house will kill any presence of bacteria. This will help to prevent any infection.

  1. Clean your carpet.

Carpet is one item in your house that will soak when water damage happens. So when cleaning up your home after water damage, consider your carpet. You can use to steam the cleaner to clean it. A steam cleaner will remove moisture and clean your carpet.

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