How to choose a good floor sanding company

Everyone wants to have some good floor finish and live in a comfy home. In fact, what makes your house outstanding is not the laying of bricks or even the roof but how you finish it, the style and materials used.

Again, it is not just about finishing, sanding is the real deal. With a good sanding company, you have an excellent finish that gives you value for money.

Then how do you choose a reliable company that will help you on issues about polishing wooden floors and much more? Read this article and find out.

What is it you want done?

Before you settle on that floor sanding company, you need to make a decision on what you want done. Is it a restoration on your floor or there are additional things you want removed or replaced like the fireplace, refurbishing some room or staircase and such. Thus, you need to make a list of these and give them to the contractor before the commencement of the work.

A clear idea of what you want to be done will help you in choosing the best floor sanding company. Again, a plan will give them ample time to prepare. When you have signed the contract, you will also need to have a meeting with the company to share your objectives and focus on how to get the job done.

Go through the local listings

Go through the list of the local companies doing the floor sanding in your area. Get the details of their work portfolio so that you understand how effective they are.   You have the yellow pages to help you out here. Choose a sanding company that has been in business for a while, whose staffs have experience in the art. With an experienced person, you are sure that you’ll get a unique finish and one that will last for long.

The prices of materials are usually the same in an area and thus the difference will be how much they charge for labor. Be careful with big brands whose charges are usually high- the small family companies are better for the price conscious. They tend to give you personalized service and at an affordable fee.

Get references from friends and family

Check the references of the floor sanding company you want to use before engaging them. Let them give you a list of clients they have served before and get their contacts. As you speak to a few of those, you get to understand the experience they have with the company and whether it’s a worthy choice. Find out the kind of materials they use, the level of training of their staff and their TAT (Turnaround time).


How much does the sanding company charge for the materials and the labor? As said before, choosing big brands comes with an extra expense; they have a big portfolio of the clients they are serving at the time.

Thus, you could get your work done in haste and at high charges. Small companies on the other hand usually charge less while giving you value for your money. Get the right information about polishing wooden floors so that you make the right choice.

Floor sanding should determine how perfect or bad your finish will look and therefore you have to choose the best company who will be excellent in their work and at an affordable fee.


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