Your Choices for the Perfect mattresses

Despite the fact that all scientists unanimously reiterate the dangers of synthetic tissues on the body, we do not always refuse these materials. For some of us, this fact seems somewhat illusive and not so significant in order to decide on a change. We will try to convey to you what is really important to know, what will make you think about your health.

The problems

So, let’s start with the fact that the skin secretes moisture and, naturally, this moisture needs to go somewhere: absorb or evaporate. Otherwise, the surface will begin to whine and nothing good will end. Synthetic fabrics have a very low hygroscopicity, which eliminates the absorption of moisture. As a result, the pores are clogged, the air circulation is disturbed, and the thermal insulation properties of the fabric are equal to zero. Moreover, synthetics do not conduct heat, therefore it is hot in summer and cold in winter.

Another not the most pleasant moment: static electricity, which often accompanies synthetic fabrics. The effect of electricity on the nerve endings of the skin is not natural for the body, which causes irritation. Further, a number of reactions take place in the body: the capillary blood flow is stimulated, the vascular tone begins to change, various shifts and interruptions occur in the system, which, of course, negatively affects the nervous system. Scientists have noticed that people whose synthetics prevail in the wardrobe more often suffer from nightmares, fatigue, aggression. This is why you can have the best choices with the organic mattress topper now.

Perhaps the most terrible and dangerous drawback of synthetic fabrics: a high content of various chemicals. Volatile toxic components in most cases remain on the material forever, and even washing, ironing and drying are not able to completely clean the fabric. It turns out that every day your body is in the grip of chemicals that envelop your body, get into your airways, and penetrate your body. Now imagine the consequences if we are talking about patients with asthma, prone to allergies or children. It’s not even worth explaining.

There are people who are strictly contraindicated in synthetics: those suffering from skin diseases, allergies, eczema or psoriasis. But do not flatter yourself if you do not have these ailments. Cheap and low-grade tissue can cause dermatitis in an absolutely healthy body.

Another problem that can await the owners of synthetic bedding is fungal diseases. As a rule, in synthetic textiles, the concentration of fungus and mold is several times higher than in natural fibers. Pillows and mattresses that have served for more than one year are especially dangerous in use. The result can be redness, and itching, and irritation, and even an attack. The organic ones are far better and safer than these synthetic ones now.

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