When Should an Air Source Heat Pump Be Considered

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump is heating device that takes hot air from outside to heat your home. It’s suitable for various forms of heating, including radiators, underfloor heating, and hot water. As it takes heat energy from outside air, it’s a much cheaper way to provide heating throughout a home.

While an air source heat pump does require electricity, it consumes it at a much lower rate than traditional heating systems. Therefore, using an air source heat pump allows homeowners to reduce electricity consumption, with the pump using renewable sources of air to produce to heat.

When Should I Consider Using an Air Source Heat Pump?

Not everyone is fully aware of the advantages of an air source heat pump, making it difficult to determine when you should consider installing one, if doing so at all. However, there are many cases where it’s advantageous to install an air source heat pump.

High Heating Bills

When heating your home using gas or electricity, the bills can get exceedingly high very fast. This may be putting a strain on your finances, yet it’s never a good option to sacrifice heating just to keep your bills low.

So, if you feel your heating bills are getting out of control, it may be time to consider a new source of energy. An air source heat pump provides just that, and while it will cost an initial investment to install, the money saved from reduced electricity consumption usually means it eventually pays for itself.

Cold Winters

Much of the UK faces very cold winters, which is typically when heating bills begin to soar. So, if you live somewhere where the temperatures drastically drop over the winter, it may be worth investing in an air source heat pump.

Not only can it be used to heat your home during the winters, it also heats water too, helping to keep your winter fuel costs from getting out of control. The device works in cold conditions too, with air source heat pumps capable of working in temperatures as low as -15° C.

Lowering Emissions

Although it does use some electricity to heat the air pump, the device is generally much more eco-friendly than other heat sources. Anyone that wants to make a conscious effort to reduce their home emissions should certainly consider an air source heat pump.

It’s a renewable source of energy for the most part, and you may even gain some income thanks to the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.  

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